Personalised Energy Report | How Does Your Energy Spending Compare?

Ever wondered how your energy bills compare to your neighbour's? Enter a few details and we can tell you—in a beautiful report filled with lots of useful, easy-to-digest charts and information.

Personal Energy Comparison Report

Our energy report shows the difference between your gas and electricity bills and other households in your postcode.

We also highlight ways that you specifically could save money, based on your current pricing and usage levels.

You can download a sample report here (or see below)

Using official data, your customised report breaks down the average usage, price and standing charges where you live, and shows whether you're paying (and using) above or below the odds. All you need to do is enter a few details found on your utility bill and we'll do the rest. Check it out below.

Example Energy Comparison Report

Image of a sample NimbleFins custom energy comparison


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