Go Girl Car Insurance Review: Not Just for Girls

Go Girl Car Insurance Review: Not Just for Girls

Positive customer ratings and usually decent prices, but beware of the way Go Girl calculates the premium owed or refunded in the event of cancellation.

Good for

  • Positive customer ratings
  • Decent rates
  • Unusual discounts

Bad for

  • High cancellation fees

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Go Girl is a good insurance company that offers its customers satisfactory rates, positive customer ratings and a convenient, online buying experience. In particular, Go Girl's auto insurance rates for provisional learners were consistently low. However, be aware of the way they calculate premium owed if you cancel.

Go Girl: A Respectable Insurer, for Women AND Men

Despite the name, Go Girl will happily sell car insurance policies to both woman and men. While they'll provide auto cover to all types of drivers, to some extent Go Girl specializes in Provisional Learner policies for which they offer particularly good prices. In addition to established drivers, Go Girl will offer cover for:

  • Learner
  • Young Driver
  • New Driver
  • Student
  • First Time

Go Girl Customer Reviews

Is Go Girl any good? The customers seem to think so. Close to 500 customers have left a 3.6 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Reviews.co.uk. Common complaints relate to the cost to cancel.

Here is a sample of positive customer reviews of Go Girl:

"Feel compelled to write a review of GoGirl, as they've really been excellent! ... GoGirl were so good in dealing with a recent claim we had to make... they handled everything very quickly, responded to us promptly as needed, and, as in the end our (oldish) car had to be written-off (which we'd expected really, based on the damage), they gave us what we considered to be a reasonable price for it, without quibbling, and paid this promptly."

"Good policy for a fair price."

And some negative reviews of Go Girl by customers:

"Was with go girl for 2 years after the 1st year they automatically sent me an email about renewing my policy which was fine so this year I thought I would automatically get another email about a renewal... I was then told my insurance policy had actually stopped... driving around 2 days with no insurance."

"Rip off for making changes to the policy & as if that wasn’t bad enough, told me they couldn’t give me a break down as to how they get to the amount as 'it’s confidential'."

"... tried to cancel after 5 weeks and wanted to charge 28% cancellation fee + £25 admin fee. No help, leeway or sympathy just kept referring to T's & C's."

"Go Girl have also charged me for a Policy that has not yet started and within two hours I cancelled as it was done in error - they state that they have NO COOLING OFF PERIOD"

Go Girl Features, Coverages and Discounts

All Go Girl car policies come with £1,000 of legal cover. Optional upgrades include legal expenses, enhanced personal accident, key cover, misfueling cover and RAC breakdown, which is available in 5 different levels.

You can use an existing No Claims Discount: If you already have a No Claims Discount (NCD), send Go Girl a copy of proof from your previous insurer before your new Go Girl policy has been active for 14 days. Previous NCDs are considered if they were earned on a private car or commercial vehicle policy in an EU country within the last two years. NCDs are not accepted if they are in use on another policy, were earned on a company car or fleet policy or as a named driver on somebody else’s policy.

Driving in Europe: If you want to explore Europe in your car, your Go Girl policy will provide cover for your adventures. But unless you’ve told them your travel plans in advance, your cover will be restricted to the minimum required in the countries you’re visiting. If you let Go Girl know of your EU travel plans in advance, they'll provide full policy cover for up to 13 weeks free of charge.

Go Girl Auto Insurance Discounts

The car insurance discounts that Go Girl offer are tied to vehicle equipment and safe driving habits. Go Girl may also award discounts to policyholders who are members of certain organizations.

Pass Plus Certificate: For completing the Pass Plus Certificate you can save on your car insurance with Go Girl. The amount you can save varies depending on your profile, but a sample quote we generated on the site indicated a savings of £110 (approximately 5%) of the premium. It's advisable to get a Pass Plus Certificate before you buy car insurance, if possible, as the savings achieved in adding the certificate to an existing policy later may be smaller.

Member of England Netball: The 92,000 members of England Netball can receive a 10% discount on Go Girl car insurance policies.

NCD: Each year that you don't make a claim on your motor insurance policy increases your No Claims Discount (NCD), which is a significant discount on your premium.

Buy ahead: Buying your plan in advance of the start date can save you hundreds of pounds on your premium. A quote for a policy with an immediate start date could add £500, or more, to the premium, versus a quote for a policy with a later start date. Go Girl allows you to buy policies up to one month in advance—the further away the start date, the more you'll save. We observed that the maximum savings are achieved when buying the policy at least 23 weeks in advance.

Pay-in-full Discount: By paying your entire premium upfront for the full 12-month term of your policy, you can save money by avoiding interest that Go Girl charges for paying monthly.

Multicar Discount: Insuring more than one vehicle with Go Girl could save you up to x% on your auto insurance premiums.

Go Girl Auto Insurance Coverages

Go Girl offers the three main types of car insurance: comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft cover and third party only cover. Despite the fact that comprehensive policies provide the widest range of cover, they still might be cheaper than the other two types of policies. It's always worth checking and comparing the prices of different types of plans—especially if you're budget conscious.

Go Girl Auto Insurance Cover

Go Girl Cover ComparisonComprehensive CoverThird Party, Fire and Theft CoverThird Party Only Cover
Legal Cover up to £1000xxx
Travel Abroadxxx
Audio Equipment Coverxx
Child car seatx
Personal Belongings Cover up to £100x
Personal Accident Cover up to £5000x
Stolen Car Replacementx
Windscreen Coverx
Free Courtesy Carx
£200 Handbag Cover^x

^(Bags must be kept out of sight and your car must be secured.)

Optional Upgrades

Breakdown PlanCost per YearDescription
Legal Expenses CoverIncluded in Comprehensive PlansIf you have an accident that is not your fault:
  • Recover your excess
  • Courtesy Car (where a responsible Insurer has been identified on a like for like basis)
  • Protects loss of earnings
  • Damage to personal effects
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Medical expenses or compensation for injury
Enhanced Personal Accident£19.99If the worst happens and you are involved in a road traffic accident, Enhanced Personal Accident will cover you, your partner and any passengers in the event of injury or death, up to a maximum claim limit of £25,000 per person and £175,000 for any one incident.
Misfuelling Cover£15If you fill your car up with the wrong fuel, Go Girl will pay up to a maximium of £250 per claim to drain and flush the fuel tank on site or recover the vehicle, driver and up to six passengers to the nearest repairer. They will also replenish the fuel tank with ten litres of the correct fuel.
Key Cover£15Go Girl covers your home, car and office keys, including safes, immobilisers and alarms, in the event they get stolen or lost, or are damaged. They will also cover damage to your locks, if the damage prevents you from being able to access your home, office or car. Cover is up to £1,500 a year.
No Claims Discount ProtectionVariableIf you have a No Claims Discount, you can pay to protect your NCD so long as you haven't made more than two claims in any five consecutive years.

RAC Breakdown Cover (optional)

Breakdown PlanCost per YearDescription
RAC Roadside£38.73Roadside assistance 1/4 mile or more away from your home address, including a tow for up to 10 miles from the breakdown if your vehicle cannot be fixed.
RAC Home Start£49.79Breakdown assistance at the roadside or at your home address, including a tow for up to 10 miles from the breakdown if your vehicle cannot be fixed.
RAC Recovery£64.18Breakdown assistance at the roadside or at your home address, including a tow for up to 10 miles from the breakdown if your vehicle cannot be fixed. Recovery for up to 8 people and your vehicle to any single destination within the UK.
RAC Onward Travel£66.39Breakdown assistance at the roadside or at your home address, including a tow for up to 10 miles from the breakdown if your vehicle cannot be fixed. Recovery for up to 8 people and your vehicle to any single destination within the UK. If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, options for onward travel are included.
RAC Europe£110.70Breakdown assistance at the roadside or at your home address, including a tow for up to 10 miles from the breakdown if your vehicle cannot be fixed. Recovery for up to 8 people and your vehicle to any single destination within the UK. If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, options for onward travel are included. Breakdown assistance in continental Europe includes roadside repair, recovery to local garage or repatriation.

Go Girl Auto Insurance Quotes

Turns out, when you buy your policy can be a major factor influencing your auto insurance premium. In fact, you can save hundreds of pounds on your Go Girl car insurance premium by purchasing your policy well in advance of needing the cover to start. According to our recent quote checks, a policyholder buying a policy even one week before needing the policy to start would save over £300 versus buying a policy that needed to start that day. There is a massive premium attached to last-minute car insurance purchases, as you can see in the following chart.

chart showing prices of Go Girl Car Insurance
Don't wait until the last minute to buy car insurance

Go Girl Cancellation

GoGirl can be expensive to cancel. During the 14-day cooling-off period, there's a £45 charge to cancel. After this, there's a £25 fee—but that's not all. Whenever you cancel insurance you have to pay the premium for the time you had insurance, which is only fair. If you've paid annually, this means you'd get a refund for the time you won't have cover (after cancellation).

Most insurers charge or return pre-paid insurance premiums on a pro rata basis, which means the premium is calculated in a proportionate basis, say daily. For instance, a £365 annual premium would be £1 per day on a pro rata basis.

However, Go Girl uses a different calculation method when determining how much pre-paid premium to return if you cancel. They use a scale, which basically means you pay more than you would on a pro rata basis. Here's the scale:

Go Girl Cancellation Scale Percentage of Premium Payable
Up to 1 month20%
Up to 2 months28%
Up to 3 months36%
Up to 4 months44%
Up to 5 months52%
Up to 6 months60%
Up to 7 months68%
Up to 8 months76%
Up to 9 months84%
Up to 10 months92%
Above 10 months100%
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