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Average Car Journeys in the UK

Ever wonder how long the typical car journey is in the UK? Or how many times a day Brits drive their cars? We've analysed data from the Department for Transport to find out. Here's what we found.

Average Car Journey Distance UK

The average car journey distance in the UK is 8.4 miles. Trips where there are passengers in the car tend to be longer (9.0 miles) than trips where the driver is travelling alone (7.8 miles).

Chart showing the average car journey length in the UK

These results are not surprising. Quick trips to the shops are more likely to involve a driver only, reducing the trip lengths for drivers travelling alone. Similarly, those going on a long journey (say a UK-based holiday, long weekend away or day trip) are more likely to travel with friends or family than alone.

Average Car Journey Distance in the UK
Driver travelling alone7.8 miles
Car ride with a driver and passengers9.0 miles
Average car trip length8.4 miles

Car Trip Lengths By Region

The region of the UK where people travel the longest distances on each car ride is the East of England, where the average car ride is 9.2 miles. At the other end of the spectrum, car rides are shortest in the North East, where the average car journey is 7.0 miles long.

Chart showing the average car journey length in the UK
Car Trip Distances by Region
North East7.0
North West7.5
Yorkshire and The Humber8.1
West Midlands8.2
South West8.8
East Midlands8.9
South East9.1
East of England9.2

Average Car Trip Journey Time in the UK

The average car journey time in the UK is 22 minutes. Trips using public transportation are around 1.6X to 2.4X as long, depending on your mode of transport. For example, trips using a local bus take around 35.2 minutes (38.5 minutes in London), while the average London Underground trip takes 53.6 minutes. Data reflects a person's main mode of transportation.

Chart showing the average car journey time in the UK

People spend 16.5 minutes walking on average when they complete a trip mostly on foot. Those heading on longer walks tend to stay out for 31.5 minutes.

Average Trip Journey Time in the UK (minutes)
Taxi / minicab21.1
Long walks (over a mile)31.5
Other local bus35.2
London bus38.5
London Underground53.6
All modes of transport23.2

Average Number of Car Journeys

In a year, the average person drives solo 186 times and travels in a car where there are multiple people (as either driver or passenger) 204 times. This means that the typical Brit takes a car ride alone where they're the driver every other day, and a car ride with other people slightly more frequently.

Number of Car Journeys per Person in the UKper yearper day
Driver travelling alone186.20.5
Car ride with a driver and passengers204.00.6
Number of car journeys per person390.31.1

On average then, each person takes 1.1 car rides a day (roughly split evenly between them being a solo driver and driving with other people).

Chart showing the average car journey length in the UK