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Wales 20mph speed limit map - all the roads staying 30mph

Wales has become the first country in the United Kingdom to impose a 20mph speed limit across its built up areas. Here we have a map showing which roads will stay at 30mph.

Anyone driving through towns and villages in Wales from September 17 2023 will now have to do so at 20mph in the majority of areas after the country brought in a reduced speed limit.

The change was brought in with the hope it could see 20,000 fewer casualties on the roads over the next 10 years.

About 37% of Wales’ roads were 30mph before the change, and this is set to reduce to about 3%, it's estimated.

However, critics claim the 20mph zones will increase journey times and cost the economy.

Councils have the power to apply exceptions to roads, and some have chosen to keep the 30mph limit on main roads in and out of towns and villages, and some more rural areas with lower populations.

Wales 20mph speed limit map

The Welsh Government has put together a map showing where roads will stay 30mph, as well as where applications for exemptions have been made.

Exception applications are at various stages and have been colour-coded accordingly.

How to use the map

Click the 'layer' logo on the top left of the map. This will open up a number of search filters, such as the roads which could stay at 30mph and the roads that have been confirmed to stay at 30mph.

Each search filter has a small eye logo next to it. Clicking the eye will toggle the filter on or off.

To see the roads which will stay at 30mph, ensure the eye logo is visible and does not have a cross through it, on the second filter (its titled 'Roads that are currently 30mph by Order and will stay at 30mph').

You can also see the roads which could retain 30mph status but which have not had their exception confirmed. There are three stages the application has to go through and these are colour coded.

You can also zoom into the map to get a closer look at areas to find out exactly where the exception would apply.

Alternatively, if you wish to see the areas with 20mph roads, deselect the 30mph roads filter (so there is a line crossing through the eye symbol) and click the eye next to where it says '20mph roads' so it doesn't have a cross through it.

The orange lines show the roads that are 20mph, and the blue lines show roads that could become 20mph.

Note some local authorities have not given their data.

Wales 20mph speed limit penalty

Anyone cause not following the 20mph speed limit will be subject to the same rules as when caught breaking other speed limits.

Police can issue fines and prosecutions with the law stating the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three points added to your licence.

There will be fixed roadside cameras as well as mobile speed camera vans or officers out on the roads. Communities can also run their own speed safety schemes, with offending motorists receiving a warning in the post.

Police and also the fire service will have the power to stop speeding drivers and give them the option to watch an educational video rather than face a fine. However, those driving at excessive speeds will not be offered the opportunity.

GoSafe, Wales' road casualty reduction unit, said it initially wants to educate drivers rather than be heavy handed with enforcement, but said this will be carried out "where it is needed".

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