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How much does goods in transit insurance cost?

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What is 'goods in transit' insurance?

Goods in transit insurance protects against loss or damage of goods while… you guessed it... in transit. This insurance can protect goods while being transported by a third-party or yourself and, in some cases, can provide cover abroad.

Some policies will even cover the portable device you use to scan parcels.

Goods in transit is an important insurance for a business to take out to minimise the risk of financial harm during the transit process.

It is important to note that, if you are driving your own goods, 'own goods in transit' insurance will most likely be more appropriate.

How much is goods in transit insurance for a van?

We used a courier profile of a 35 year old in Essex starting couriering for the first time in the UK.

Level of coverAverage price (annual)

If we take Amazon's requirement of £25,000 of cover, you can see the average courier will spend £154.34 per year on goods in transit insurance.

Chart showing the cost of goods in transit insurance
It's possible to get £25,000 of goods in transit cover for a van for as little as £100

It is important to remember that often other expenses like van insurance for hire and reward will cost way more than goods in transit. On average, first time couriers will spend £2,500 to £3,500 for the first year of insurance for hire and reward.

How much is goods in transit insurance for a car?

From our research, we've found that goods in transit insurance is no cheaper or more expensive for a car than a van. However, not every provider will offer goods in transit insurance for cars.

We could only get car quotes from Business Choice Direct using the same courier profile as above.

Level of coverBusiness Choice Direct quote

These quotes are the exact same as the ones we got for a van. We were assured that the primary factor in cost is the level of cover you require. They also noted that working with one of the bigger couriers (e.g. courier exchange) you will get a substantial discount. Moving the £50,000 cover from £448 to £280.

How much is goods in transit insurance for a motorcycle?

If you want goods in transit (GiT) cover for a motorcycle, odds are you work as a courier and you can get GiT cover as part of courier insurance. They'll include GiT as standard or as an add-on to courier insurance. Please always double-check this is included in your policy.

As a result, there isn't a standalone market for GiT for motorcycles. In fact, in our market research we couldn't find any providers. That's because motorcycles who need it would be working as couriers and therefore have GiT as part of their courier insurance.

It may be important to note, that fast food couriers may not require goods in transit cover as what you are delivering isn't especially valuable.

What affects the cost of 'goods in transit' insurance premiums?

There are quite a few ways you can reduce the cost of your goods in transit insurance, many of which would apply to most car insurances.

When getting goods in transit insurance you'll be asked what level of cover you require. This is by far the biggest factor of goods in transit cost. This should go without saying but ensure you're not over (or under) insuring yourself. If the maximum cost of goods you'll be transporting is £5,000, don't insure yourself for £50,000. That will drive the cost up dramatically.

For context, costs of cover generally range between £1,000 up to £50,000. Gladiator customer service told us that Amazon, for example, requires couriers to have cover of up to £25,000.

Sometimes, an insurance provider will give a discount if you are working with one of the bigger courier companies e.g. Hermes, Amazon etc. This is not always the case however.

The type of goods you are wanting to cover also affects the cost of insurance. Some more expensive, luxury goods such as jewelry are sometimes not included as standard. If you are transporting goods like this, you must ensure your insurance policy covers such goods.

You should also consider installing a dashcam, this will make it easier to determine who was in the wrong in the case of an accident. While doing this consider upgrading your vehicle's security such as installing a steering wheel lock. Some insurance providers will note this and lower the cost of your insurance.

Finally, your level of voluntary excess will have an effect on the cost of the insurance. Generally, the higher the level of excess the cheaper the insurance. We recommend you always double check what the level of excess is and consider if this is at the right level for you.