Who Supplies my Gas and Electric?

The easiest way to find out who supplies the gas and electricity to your house is to check a recent energy bill, where you'll find the name and contact details of your supplier. If you've just moved home or you don't have a gas or electric bill handy, there are other ways to identify your utility company.

When you don't have an energy bill to hand, the next best way to find your energy supplier is by contacting your local gas or electricity distribution network operator (DNO). A DNO is a company that runs the local gas pipes and cables that serve your home.

photo showing a woman contacting her utility distributor to find her energy supplier

You wouldn't normally need to contact a DNO as they don't bill you or supply your electricity (your supplier does that), but it's handy to know who your network operators are in case you want to change a gas/electricity connection to the mains, or to find out the name of your supplier.

Who is my Electricity Supplier?

To find out who supplies the electricity to your home, use the table below to contact your local electricity distribution network operator (DNO). Each DNO covers a separate geographical region.

Coverage AreaDNOGeneral Enquiries NumberLink to Find Your Electricity Supplier
North WestElectricity North West Limited0800 195 4141Find my supplier
North East & YorkshireSP Energy Networks0800 011 3332Find my supplier
East & West MidlandsUK Power Distribution0800 029 4285Find my supplier
South WalesUK Power Distribution0800 029 4285Find my supplier
South WestUK Power Distribution0800 029 4285Find my supplier
LondonUK Power Networks0800 029 4285Find my supplier
South EastUK Power Networks0800 029 4285Find my supplier
East of EnglandUK Power Networks0800 029 4285Find my supplier
Central & Southern ScotlandSP Energy Networks0800 092 9290Find my supplier
North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and North ShropshireSP Manweb0800 001 5400Find my supplier
Northern ScotlandScottish & Southern Electric Power Networks0800 048 3516Find my supplier
Central Southern EnglandScottish & Southern Electric Power Networks0800 048 3516Find my supplier

Another way to find your DNO is by using the Energy Networks Association search tool instead of the table above (you'll just need to enter your post code).

Who is my Gas Supplier?

There are three options for finding out which utility company supplies your gas:

  • Use the online service Find My Supplier
  • Call the Meter Point Administration Service to get details of your gas supplier (and get your Meter Point Reference Number, or MPRN, if you need it)
  • Contact your gas distribution network (find contact details in the table below)

To get the most accurate information from the Find My Supplier service, you'll need the house number, street name and post code of the property. Below is the list of Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) in the UK, along with links to their websites and their contact phone numbers.

Coverage AreaGas Distribution NetworksGeneral Enquiries Number
North East including Northern Cumbria and much of YorkshireNorthern Gas Networks0800 040 7766
Scotland and South of England (including South London)SGN0800 912 1700
West Midlands, North West, East of England and North LondonCadent Gas0800 389 8000
Wales and South West EnglandWales & West Utilities Limited0800 912 29 99

The eight gas distribution networks are owned by Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and Wales & West Utilities. Their coverage is shown on the map below.

UK gas distribution networks
Source: Ofgem

The Find My Supplier post code search tool not only tells you your gas supplier, but also your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and your gas transporter.


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