Windscreen Insurance - Are You Covered?

Windscreen insurance will help cover the cost of a damaged windscreen. Generally, Comprehensive insurance plans include windscreen cover, but Third Party only and Third Party, Fire & Theft plans typically do not include windscreen cover. Below we’ll discuss the costs of windscreen repair/replacement and windscreen cover, so you can decide if windshield cover is an extra you’d like to buy.

Does Car Insurance Cover Windscreen Damage?

Windscreen damage is usually covered if you have a Comprehensive insurance policy. Essentially it protects you from damage not caused by another car. Examples of windscreen damage that you may be reimbursed for include:

  • Stones kicked up by other cars on a motorway
  • Debris (e.g., branches) falling onto the windscreen
  • Hail
  • Birds flying into your windscreen

Don’t expect windscreen damage to be covered by a Third Party only or Third Party, Fire & Theft policy. If you have one of these policies, we’d recommend looking into buying windscreen cover as an extra, either from your car insurance company or another company – be sure to price check to find the best deal.

Why Should Someone get Windscreen Cover

Repairing or replacing your windshield is an expensive process. According to Autoglass, windshield repairs can cost over £100 and replacement starts at £300 - but costs can be much higher. Insurance helps to cover these costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Windscreen?

We recently checked prices at Autoglass for a range of cars, to give you an idea of the potential costs of windshield damage if you’re paying out of pocket (i.e., no insurance). You can see prices we quoted from Autoglass for a selection of cars and options below:

Car Make and ModelFeaturesRepairReplace
Ford Fiestaheated & rain sensors£134£1,078
Ford Fiestaheated, rain sensors & lane departure warning system£134£1,433
Nissan Qashqaiheated & rain sensor£134£572
Nissan Qashqaiheated, rain sensor & lane departure warning system£134£906
Range Roverheated£134£855

Quite surprisingly, the windshield for the lowest-priced car of the group, the Ford Fiesta, costs the most to replace.

You'll also notice that the cost to repair a chip (i.e., size between a matchstick head and a £2 coin) is consistent regardless of car make and model - £134. This is not surprising as fixing a chip requires the same parts and labour, regardless of car type. The cost to replace a windscreen, however, varies significantly. We'd expect this, as windscreens for different cars vary not only in size but also features (heated, rain sensors, lane departure warnings, etc.)

Under the protection of windshield cover, you’d only be responsible to pay the excess. While the excess will vary by insurer, we’ve checked a number of the larger providers and found typical excesses on Comprehensive policies are around £10 for a repair and £75 for a replacement – far less than you’d pay out of pocket if you’re not covered.

What Excess Will You Pay for Windshield Repair or Replacement?

Insurance ProviderWindscreen Repair ExcessWindscreen Replacement Excess
Direct Line£10£75

Will a Windshield Claim Affect My No Claims Discount?

It varies but, generally speaking, most insurers state that a windshield claim will not affect your no claims discount (NCD). Don’t be misled, though – you still may pay more for your insurance following a windscreen claim. A look at the fine print reveals that some insurers may increase your premium the following year as a result of the claim, even if they keep your NCD as is. So while you keep your NCD, the premium on which this NCD is applied may increase following a windscreen claim - and you'd pay more for your insurance as a result.

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