Autosaint Review: Good Blackbox Insurance?

Autosaint Review: Good Blackbox Insurance?

Lower premiums for some drivers, especially young drivers, but the customer reviews and higher fees might make you think twice.

Good for

  • Potentially cheaper quotes

Bad for

  • Higher admin and cancellation charges
  • Quite negative customer reviews
  • Black box braking tracking seems promlematic

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Is Autosaint a good car insurance broker—and can they save you money? Let’s take a look at what Autosaint Insurance has to offer and read what real customers have to say. For quick quotes from up to 100 brands comparing Autosaint Insurance against popular RAC, Admiral, Hastings, etc., click the blue "Get Quotes" button below.

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In This Review

Autosaint Car Insurance Overall Review

Autosaint is part of the award-winning Fresh Insurance Services Group Ltd, established in 2002. Autosaint works with some of the UK's top car insurance underwriters and is aimed at young drivers; their policies require telematics boxes (aka black boxes) to be installed to track driving style (e.g., braking, accelerating, speeding, etc.)

Is Autosaint Insurance any good? The customer reviews flag up a number of issues, including low braking scores recorded by black boxes leading to policies being cancelled—often unfairly in the opinion of the policy holders. Having your policy cancelled can be especially problematic for a young driver, since this can affect your ability to get another policy, especially at a reasonable price.

Potential policy holders should also be aware of the admin and cancellation fees. Autosaint Insurance cancellation fees are a bit higher than average cancellation fees in the UK, and since they're a broker you'll also pay additional fees to the underwriter of your policy as well; plus new policy arrangement fees start from £60 for personal lines and £49.50 for renewals (higher for commercial)—and these are not refunded if you cancel. Some other brokers (e.g., Advance Insurance) charge even higher arrangement fees.

Autosaint Insurance customer service is open 6 days a week (they're closed Sunday).

All that said, Autosaint might offer you a better price than you'll find elsewhere. If you want to find out, you can get a quote from Autosaint Insurance by calling or going to their website or, if you want to compare their prices to the market, then go to our car insurance comparison partner QuoteZone—their panel includes Autosaint Insurance and other popular brands such as RAC, Admiral and Hastings.


The features of an Autosaint plan can vary depending on which insurer underwrites your policy. We took a look at the policy wording of their comprehensive Aviva plan on their website and found the following features are covered:

  • Courtesy car
  • Repair guarantee
  • Vehicle recovery and onward travel
  • New car replacement
  • Windscreen and glass
  • Uninsured driver promise
  • Driving other cars
  • Personal belongings
  • Child seat cover
  • Replacement locks
  • European breakdown

In addition, the follow are offered as optional additional extras:

  • Platinum Legal Cover
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Excess Protection
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Key Cover

If you do not buy their Platinum Legal Cover, Autosaint provides you with Bronze Accident Management Service free of charge as standard with all motor vehicle policies.

Autosaint Black Box Rules and Driver Scores

Driving deemed unsafe can lead to your policy being cancelled. For example, the policy will automatically cancel if you go 25 mph over the limit or 15 mph over the limit on three occasions; and a number of smaller speeding events can also result in cancellation. In addition, drivers need to maintain the following minimum scores:

Minimum scores to maintain with an Autosaint black box so your policy isn't cancelled
Speeding score50
Braking score30

Note: You have 14 days to get the black box fitted or your policy will be cancelled. The customer reviews report numerous occasions of motorists finding it difficult to have the box fitted in time due to a shortage of installers. We'd think twice before signing up to Autosaint around the holidays, in particular, because it might be too difficult to arrange an installer in time. And from the customer reviews it seems there isn't flexibility on the installation timing, even if the problems stems from the installer not being available.

Autosaint Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

Autosaint Insurance online customer reviews are not very good. We read through the reviews to see if we could learn anything. A common complaint is that prices go up after the initial quote, that the cancellation fees are so high and that it can be easy to trip the braking score minimum and have your policy cancelled.

Autosaint Trustpilot:

Autosaint Insurance scores very poorly with customers, with an average Trustpilot score of just 1.3 out of 5 stars. In fact, 93% of customer reviews for Autosaint are "Bad", and here's why.

We reviewed the customer complaints and found a few common issues. For starters, existing customers have a hard time getting through to speak with someone (there was a suggestion that you call the new quote line to get through to customer service, but that window might have closed as it sounds like now they're sending customers back to the existing customer queue, which is apparently hard to get through).

Another issue is the black box. There are many reports of the telematics box accusing a driver of things they haven't don't think they've done (e.g., harsh braking), and of policies subsequently being cancelled on the spot. Finally, high cancellation charges seem to be a persistent problem. Here are some customer quotes from negative reviews left on Trustpilot:

"... I have gone over my annual millage and must pay a ridiculous £850 for 1000 more miles added on..."

"Numerous texts and emails threatening to cancel the insurance. Inadequate dashboard for uploading documents."

"... in the end we cancelled the policy after 4 weeks, extortionate charges for cancelling well over £200."

"The people I spoke to on the phone were unsympathetic and quite dismissive, and the financial implications of this are incredibly stressful."

"Quoted just £150 for compulsory excess, went to purchase and that changed to £750!"

"... I have just been charged for £170 for my insurance WHICH IS CANCELLED. and also been sent an email being told I have to pay £150 for half of it is 'commission'..."

"Car has been parked up for the past month score was 92%; it’s has continued to drop now at 78% even though it hasn’t been touched in a month."

It's not all bad, though. Around 1 in 20 reviews were Excellent. Here's a sample of a positive review left for Autosaint on Trustpilot:

"... each year the renewal price was always... Much cheaper which was great..."

"I was very cautious to insure with Autosaint as the reviews were so bad but as I was 17 at the time and they were the cheapest, I had no choice. However, I am very very glad that I did... I forgot to mention that each year the renewal price was always a large difference too. Much cheaper which was great because I pay for the whole year rather than monthly and I couldn’t find cheaper quotes anywhere else so thumbs up!"


The reviews for Autosaint are slightly better on, with 436 customers leaving an average 2.3 out of 5 star rating. Here is a sample of representative reviews which may help you understand what it's like to be an Autosaint customer.

First, we have some positive reviews for Autosaint left at

"I've been with this insurance company for 2 years now, last year I ended up getting £150 back off my policy as I was a good driver, and since renewing in November, I've also had a refund due to change in my address..."

"Short waiting time... extremely helpful"

"Auto saint customer service is nothing other than the best I have received... Talked me through the braking score and how to improve. Genuinely wanted to help me"

"Spoke to a very helpful person today who sorted out all my issues!"

And some negative reviews:

"All was well until I reached my maximum mileage and rang them for more miles... They came back with a quote for £1200 for an extra 4000 miles"

" The black box company cancelled on us twice, saying there wasn’t an engineer in the area. The third appointment they gave us was just over the 14 day deadline (by 3 days). Autosaint wouldn’t allow it and told us the insurance will be cancelled..."

"... my insurance has been cancelled due to “low breaking score” which seems to be the reason this company is cancelling a numerous of young drivers insurance for the same reason! I am 19 years old and can’t be accepted for another insurance due to having my insurance cancelled with this company..."

Autosaint Car Insurance Quote Comparison

As a broker, Autosaint Insurance will survey their panel of insurers to find you the best quote that they can. Since their panel doesn't include every insurer, you may be able to find a cheaper quote elsewhere, however.

Prices for car insurance can vary significantly from day to day and company to company, and depend on factors like your age, driving experience, postcode, car, etc. If you want to compare Autosaint Insurance to other brands, try our car insurance partner QuoteZone—who can supply quotes from Autosaint Insurance and over 100 other insurance brands.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Quickly compare up to 100+ UK insurance brands, including Autosaint Insurance.

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Autosaint Car Insurance Deals

An easy way to get a cheaper car insurance quote is to buy your policy around three weeks in advance—that's typically the best time to buy a car insurance policy. After this time, rates usually climb.

Paying upfront is another way to save money, since insurers usually charge you (like a loan) if you want to spread out the costs and pay monthly. Rates will vary but you could save tens to hundreds a year, depending on your premium. Autosaint Insurance uses Creation Consumer Finance Ltd for Personal Lines Insurance and Close Brothers Premium Finance for Commercial Lines Insurance to finance clients who want to pay monthly.

Another tip to get a lower premium is reassessing where you park your car at night. If you have access to a garage there's a lower chance of theft. For other tips, see our research on how to get a car insurance discount.

It's always a good idea to compare the market also, especially when it comes time for renewal, to make sure you'll getting a good deal. Autosaint Insurance is part of the comparison panel provided by our car insurance partner QuoteZone, a comparison website that works with over 100 brands in the UK car insurance market. Using QuoteZone, you should be able to get a quote from Autosaint Insurance as well as competitors to compare prices and see which companies offer the best deals in your post code and for your car.

Autosaint Cancellation Fees

As a broker that deals with a panel of insurers, Autosaint Insurance policyholders will pay an arrangement fee for a new policy and subsequent renewals—up to £60 and £49.50, respectively, for personal line. Commercial lines cost even more. In addition, mid-term changes or cancellations can lead to admin/cancellation fees paid to both the Autosaint Insurance and the underwriter—Autosaints fees are shown in the data below, which we got from their terms and conditions:

Autosaint Insurance Admin and Cancellation Fees
Arranging a new policy or policy renewal£60
Change of vehicle£20
Other mid-term changes (e.g., change of address, change of cover, purchase of additional mileage, etc.)£65
Failure to provide required documentation within 14 days of request£25
Cancellation charge within first 14 days or before the policy starts£55 (validation admin fee may also apply)
Cancellation charge from day 15 onwards£75 (validation admin fee may also apply). Plus Autosaint will retain the 10% commission on any refunded premium.
Validation administration charge (for cancellation or a mid-term change due to misrepresentation, non-disclosure or inability to validate).£25
Provision of duplicate hard copy documents£15
Dishonoured payment administration charge£12.50
Debt collection admin fee£45
AutoSaint Box
Cost of installing AutoSaint Box and/or initiating the data feed.£185 for new policies (non refundable)
£170 where a change of vehicle requires new box OR box is fitted after passing driving test.
Removal of the AutoSaint Box from your vehicle£80
Failure to attend or cancellation of installation appointment£62.50
AutoSaint Box data charge (at renewal)£62.50 (non refundable)

What is the Autosaint Cancellation Policy?

If you want to cancel your Autosaint policy, first telephone customer services on 0344 557 8401 or email [email protected] How much does it cost to cancel? You'll need to pay the fees in the table above plus there is a settlement of the premium which can mean you get a refund or you owe them more money. Cancellation fees are listed in the table above in the fees section. In addition, there is the issue of payment for time covered.

Cancelling during the first 14 days means you'll get a pro-rata refund of premium. Cancelling after the cooling off period means they'll calculate the charge for the time you were covered on a scale (not pro-rata) which means a smaller refund to you (or a higher payment to cancel if you pay monthly).

In addition, there's no refund after 14 days on optional add-on products such as breakdown, legal and key cover. Note: If there has been ANY claim, the full premium will be payable with no refund due.

Autosaint Car Insurance Contact Numbers

Autosaint customer service for existing customers can be reached at 01527 758 169 is open Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 17:30, Saturdays: 09.00 – 16:00 and Bank Holidays: 10.00 – 16:00. Motorists looking for new quotes can call 01527 758 158 on Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 19:30, Saturdays: 09.00 – 16:00, Bank Holidays: 10.00 – 16:00. Autosaint is closed on Sunday except for the 24/7 claims line, of course).

Autosaint Insurance Contact Numbers
Quotes01527 758 158
Customer Service01527 758 169
24/7 Claims01527 758 352


Autosaint Insurance offers products from Ageas, Aviva, Covea, Highway, Markerstudy, Sabre and Zenith, some of which are among the UK's biggest insurance companies.
Autosaint is based at Redditch, in Worcestershire, and has 240 staff members and over 80,000 customers. Autosaint is a trading name of Fresh Insurance Services Group Ltd., Burnt Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9PA. Autosaint is registered in England & Wales, No. 4515272 and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Registration No. 306202.
There is no curfew with Autosaint black box policies.
A telematics box is usually compulsory with Autosaint, but you will be told before purchasing your policy whether or not a black box is required. If a black box is required for your Autosaint poilcy and you already have a telematics device fitted to your car, it may be possible for them to reinstate it for use with your Autosaint policy—but you'll be charged a fee to initiate the data feed with Autosaint.
Autosaint does not have a telematics app. Instead, policyholders can access their Autosaint dashboard (an online customer portal) to check their driving scores.
A professional installer from Quartix will fit or remove the Autosaint black box.
Autosaint customer service can be reached Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 17:30, Saturdays: 09.00 – 16:00 and Bank Holidays: 10.00 – 16:00 by ringing 01527 758 169.
Upon renewal on an Autosaint policy, you'll be charged a £60 renewal fee and a nonrefundable £62.50 data fee for the black box (the £60 arrangement fee is refundable if you cancel the renewal within the first 14 days). Autosaint may renew your policy automatically unless you request otherwise; the renewal invitation is typically issues 21 days prior to the renewal date.
We couldn't find a formal declaration of the cost of additional miles, and this likely depends on your premium and details of your application, but customer reviews indicate that policy holders have been asked to pay around £300 - £400 per extra 1,000 miles with Autosaint.

Policy Documents

As Autosaint Insurance is a broker, the insurance they arrange for you can be from a number of different insurers. Your policy documents will be sent to you shortly after you sign up for cover.

Other Car Insurance Reviews

If you'd like to compare Autosaint Insurance to other car insurance companies, see some of our list of car insurance reviews. Some popular car insurance company reviews are listed below:

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