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Does LV do delivery insurance?

In this article we'll explain what to do if you have LV car insurance policy and you want to work as a delivery driver or courier.

According to our review of LV= policy documents and contact with LV=, NimbleFins has found out that LV= does NOT cover policyholders for using their cars, vans or motorbikes for food delivery or other paid delivery or courier work. Here's what you'll need to do if you have LV= and want to work as a delivery drive or courier.

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Does LV= cover delivery or courier driving?

No, LV= does not cover delivery driving on any of their policies; LV also doesn't permit policyholders to buy a supplemental policy (aka top-up Hire & Reward) to cover delivery driving. H&R insurance covers paid delivery driving and is required by law for anyone using their vehicle to earn money for making deliveries.

This means LV= policyholders cannot use their vehicle to make deliveries. Full stop. To confirm this, we recently reached out to the LV press office to confirm whether or not they'll cover delivery driving or accept top-up H&R cover. Here's what they said:

"Our car insurance policy excludes cover anyone for working as a delivery driver or courier, or using their car for hire and reward purposes. Likewise this isn’t something an existing customer would be able to expand their policy to include. If a customer chooses to buy a top-up/PAYG/hire and reward insurance policy elsewhere they would still not have cover under their LV= policy.

Every customer is different and before we take on anyone as a new customer, we have to take a number of factors into consideration, including what kind of job they do. This is because different jobs have different insurance requirements and we need to ensure that our policy can cater for those different needs, and is given to the customers that it is most suitable for.

It is worth noting that we automatically cover customers who use their car to do voluntary work, which can sometimes include deliveries, whether that be medication, medical equipment, shopping or other essential items. However we won’t cover customers who are being paid to do this, as it requires a different level of cover that falls outside of the terms of our policy."

There are a few UK car insurers who work with top-up H&R cover for delivery people, but LV= is not one of them. Read our full review of LV= car insurance here:

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Can I make deliveries without hire & reward cover?

No, you must not work as a delivery driver or courier until you've purchased appropriate H&R cover. Doing so would be illegal, in all likelihood invalidating your underlying social domestic & pleasure (SD&P) policy. Anyone who has an accident or is caught could suffer from points, fines, seizure of your car, having your licence taken away and possible financial ruin! Best avoided.

If you're interested in learning more about this, read our in-depth guide to delivery driving and food delivery insurance.

What do I do now?

If you want to work as a delivery driver or courier and you currently have LV insurance, you'll need to cancel this and find cover elsewhere. Beware that you'll have to pay cancellation fees. From there, you have two options for getting H&R cover to work as a delivery driver:

  • Get SD&P from another car insurer and buy top-up H&R cover elsewhere (e.g., Zego), or
  • Go to a specialist broker to secure cover for both SD&P (for your personal driving) and H&R (for your delivery driving).

You can read our full Zego review to learn more about the company and the product. But basically, the way Zego top-up cover works is that a driver has a regular SD&P car insurance policy (say, with Hastings because they permit top-up cover) that covers their personal driving, and then they buy Zego PAYG top-up H&R insurance which covers their delivery driving.

What to look out for

If you go with the top-up H&R insurance option and SD&P from another company (that is, one which accepts top-up cover—see the list here), be sure to inform your SD&P insurer of your delivery work.

Also, make sure one of the companies covers your commute—this is a formal declaration of use on a certificate of motor insurance, and without it you won't be covered during that portion of your journey.

But while commuting should show up on one of your certificates of motor insurance, it should not show up on both. Why not? If you have an accident on the commute, there would be confusion as to which insurer was liable.

Final thoughts

Getting covered as a courier or delivery driver can be confusing. For more information, please read through our guides:

And when you're ready to get a quote to see how much courier insurance will cost you, click the blue button below:

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  • Note: Inexperienced food delivery drivers with 0 years of no claims may have difficulty getting a quote in the current market.
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