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How Much Does it Cost to Sell a Motorbike?

If you are looking to sell your motorbike there are a variety of ways that you can do it. Currently, there are many marketplaces and sites that handle the sale of motor vehicles, but what does it cost?

Here we take a look at various sites and the fees you may expect to pay for listing and selling your motorbike.


eBay Motors is the area of eBay that deals exclusively with the sale of vehicles. Their listing fees are reasonable and there are many options to choose from should you want to feature your ad first, highlight photos, or add buy it now or auction-style listings.

For listings, you will be charged between £14.99 and £19.99 depending on whether you select a standard or auction-style listing, plus there are some optional upgrades available such as Gallery Plus and a subtitle. There is also a 1% final value fee charged on the sale of the item, if you opt for an auction or fixed-price listing.


Craigslist has become a popular marketplace for all kinds of items over the years and its car and motorbike section sees lots of activity from buyers and sellers. Rates for listings on Craigslist can vary depending on the country or city you are selling from but currently, in the UK the cost for advertising your motorbike for sale on their pages is FREE.

Classified Ads

Putting an ad in the classifieds may seem a bit old school but it is still a viable way to sell your motorbike. Depending on your area and the publication you select the fees will vary quite a bit so you will need to check them with the individual company. On average you can expect to pay somewhere between £25 and £75 depending on the duration of your advert

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s Marketplace is a relative newcomer to the selling game but has some distinct advantages. Unlike many of the other selling options, Facebook will automatically show your ad to its users that are based in your local area. On top of this, there are no listing fees or commissions to pay, making it a very appealing option for selling your motorbike.


Autotrader is probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to any type of vehicle sales. What started as a standard paper publication has transitioned nicely to a formidable online presence. Here you can buy most types of vehicles from cars to motorbikes and find just about every make and model on the market. For motorbike sales, Autotrader offers sellers several options from free to basic to standard to premium packages (£39.95). In this top tier, you can show off your bikes' best features with up to 100 photos and showcase your bike with a YouTube video.


Similar to Craiglist but possibly more popular in the UK is Gumtree. Buying on selling on their site reaches a wide audience and doesn’t cost a lot. To place a basic listing for your motorbike on Gumtree’s site is completely FREE. You can choose to bring your ad to the top for 3, 7, or 14 days for as little as £11.99. If you wish to add features and ‘spotlight’ your listing on the homepage you will pay £24.95 for the upgrade.

Cheapest Way To Sell Your Motorbike

All of these options offer a nice affordable way to sell your motorbike privately but the cheapest options are Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

If you would like to sell quickly locally then Facebook Marketplace is the best bet. To reach the broadest possible audience at the best price Gumtree will be the most feasible option.

Comparing Motorbike Selling Fees

To help you compare costs of selling your motorcycle through the various marketplace and website options, see the summary table below.

Motorbike Listing and Sales Fees
ebay MotorsClassified ad listing£19.99
Auction Style Listing£11.99 + 1% final value fee
Fixed Price Listing$11.99 + 1% final value fee
Classfied Adsvaries by publication£20 - £75 average
Facebook MarketplaceFREE
Autotrader (up to £1000 value)Free up to 3 weeks
Autotrader (over £1000 value)2 week basic ad£19.95
3 week standard advert£29.95
Premium 6 week advert£39.95
GumtreeBasic ListingFREE
Spotlight Listing£24.95
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