Ageas Car Insurance Review: The Best Cover for You?

Ageas Car Insurance Review: The Best Cover for You?

Not only is Ageas of the UK's largest car insurance companies, but they can boast about pretty solid customer reviews. We'll explain more below.

Good for

  • Uninsured Driver Promise
  • Onward travel cover to UK destination
  • Over 99% of customer claims paid
  • Misfueling cover
  • Claims line open 24/7
  • Courtesy car during covered repairs

Bad for

  • Some policies (e.g., "Essentials") have fewer features

Editor's Rating


The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

Wondering if Ageas car insurance is a smart choice? Read our review to decide if Ageas would suit your needs and find out which important features you'll need to add on, plus learn how existing policyholders rate their customer service.

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In This Review

Ageas Car Insurance Overall Review

Ageas car insurance offers a solid set of features and solid customer reviews, but be aware that they have a few different products on offer, not all of which have a high 5-star defaqto rating (an indication of features). Read our review to learn how the policies compare and to hear about the most common customer complaints.

Be aware that Ageas sells two main types of car insurance policies: Ageas Car Insurance and Ageas Essentials Car Insurance. The first product will be more expensive, but it is more robust with solid features and a 5-star defaqto rating. Their Essentials product will be cheaper, but does not offering as many features. For example, the following Ageas Car Insurance features are not included in Essentials policies:

  • Misfueling. Damage to car and the cost to drain and flush the system are covered
  • Windscreen. Cost to repair or replace a damaged windscreen (note a £60 excess in the case of windscreen replacement)—that said, the Essentials plan will cover windscreen damage ONLY IF the bodywork is damaged at the same time by something other than broken glass from the windscreen, windows or sunroof
  • Personal belongings. Up to £300 per fire or theft incident
  • Using your car abroad. Full cover up to 90 days in the EU (or more if you pay an extra premium)—e.g. the Essentials plan will only cover you for legal liability to other while you're using the car in Europe but won't cover your own car for damage, fire or theft
  • Car Keys/Fob. Up to £500 in case of loss or theft

However, a courtesy car if yours is being repaired by an approved repairer after accident, fire or theft is covered on both types of policies (note: to get a courtesy car in the case of actual theft or a write off, you'll need to buy the Courtesy Car add-on). Also, onward travel and overnight accommodation if your car is not road worthy after an accident are covered on both types of plans.

Optional Covers

  • Legal expenses cover. up to £100,000 to assist in recovering losses you are not insured for, personal injury and compensation for damage to belongings due to a car accident that was not your fault. (£29.60 a year)
  • Breakdown cover. 4 options ranging in starting price from £29.99 to £99 (see table below for more details)
  • Replacement vehicle cover. A hire car up to 1,600cc for up to 14 days following theft, vandalism due a fire, an act of malicious damage, or if your car is a total loss or has been immobilised following an accident that was your fault (£26.50 per year)
  • Excess protection cover. cover your excess up to £500 that can't be recovered by a third party, for up to two claims a year (From £30 a year)
  • Key protection cover. up to £1,500 for keys lost, stolen, accidentally damaged or broken in any lock, including house keys (£19.99 per year)

Ageas Breakdown Cover Options and Costs

FeaturesRoadsideRoadside PlusFull UK RecoveryFull UK & European Recovery
24/7 roadside assistanceyesyesyesyes
Local vehicle recoveryyesyesyesyes
Onward transportnoyesyesyes
UK vehicle recoverynoyesyesyes
Home assistancenonoyesyes
Roadside assistance in Europenononoyes
Prices start from£32£44.99£74.00£99.00

Ageas is also one of the few car insurance companies who might allow drivers to work in paid delivery or courier work, provided they buy top-up Hire & Reward cover, as we discuss here.

Who Underwrites Ageas Car Insurance?

Ageas car insurance policies are underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited. You might find it interesting that Ageas also underwrites car insurance policies branded by household names such as Tesco car insurance. (Read our review of Tesco Bank car insurance here.)

Ageas Car Insurance Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

Ageas Customer Ratings
Trustpilot customer service rating4.1 out of 5

Is Ageas Car Insurance any good? Ageas "Car Insurance" policy has the best set of features; their other policies are less robust. Please keep in mind that the Trustpilot ratings are based on Ageas as a whole, which includes car, home, travel and business insurance. We've read through hundreds of reviews to see what real customers have to say about their car insurance specifically. Here's what we found:

Ageas Car Insurance Trustpilot

Ageas has earned 4.1 stars out of 5 at Trustpilot, with 7 out of 10 customers giving Ageas a "Great" 4-star rating (down from an 'Excellent' rating last year...). But 1 in 8 customers reported a "Bad" experience. Here is a sample of customer complaints:

"I had an accident on my BMW motorcycle in May 2023. It’s now January 2024 and despite me having comprehensive cover my repairs have still not been authorised to be carried out by the local BMW dealer. I have written to AGEAS over and over gain. They don’t even acknowledge my emails. Very very poor customer service."

"Just got my renewal quote through and they have doubled my insurance. No accidents or motoring offences. Over 10 years NCB. Absolute joke. No justification for such a massive hike. Embarrassing way to treat a customer. Says in their renewal letter not to bother to phone us for a better as this the best quote they can muster. Will be going elsewhere. Better prices out there already and only looked at two websites."

"... I had a straightforward claim when a commercial vehicle reversed into my parked car. The Ageas response was to write off my car at a very low valuation, with a 'take it or leave it' attitude. All I wanted was to get my car repaired..."

"Just had my renewal quote for car insurance , I pay monthly and they have added almost £10 to my monthly payments..."

"... I am currently in a claim after my car was stolen. In section C of the policy it states a courtesy car would be provided if theft from the UK. They say it is a complete loss of car so [doesn't] qualify."

But it's not all bad news as 10X as many customers leave a 5-star review. Here is a sample:

"I had an accident first week in December and unfortunately my car was written off... The girl was so lovely to me as I was a bit upset after having the accident just after I had arrived home from holiday in Spain and also she was very helpful regarding my claim... My claim was settled within a few days and have now managed to get myself another Vauxhall Adam. Thanks Again for all your help !!!!!! I have taken my policy out with you again due to my excellent experience."

"Just before Christmas, a driver shunted into the back of my car at a roundabout. This was my first time at having to use my insurance - Ageas - to arrange my car repair via the other driver's insurance. From the very first call, which they answered very promptly that same evening, they have been absolutely First Class in every way. Helpful, polite, patient, reassuring, very efficient in quickly arranging the hire car drop-off, pick-up of my damaged car, estimated time for garage repair spot-on, exact to the day, no hanging about, car returned, hire car collected. Seamlessly efficient in the whole process from start to finish, always prompt in answering the phone, and kindness and helpfulness throughout. A HUGE THANK YOU AGEAS - 5 star service. Well done!"

"They offered me a great deal on my car insurance. Saved me £200."

Ageas Car Insurance Charges and Fees

Ageas charges £50 to cancel your policy after the initial 14-day window, which is just a tad lower than the average charge in the UK; and they charge a renewal fee of £20. If you need to make any changes mid-term, you can do this for no extra fee using the online portal, otherwise you'll pay £25 if you call in to make the change.

Ageas Insurance Fees
Policy Set Up fee (applies to New Business and Renewal policies)£20
Cancellation, within 14-day, cooling-off period£0
Cancellation, after 14-day, cooling-off period£50
Mid-term adjustments on the phone£25
Changes online at Charge

Note, they improved their fees for customers in June 2023, because they did away with a £25 admin fee if you cancel within 14 days—now there's no admin charge for this.

As always, if you cancel you'll also have to pay any outstanding premium for time you were covered (this could mean getting a refund if you paid upfront).

Important Ageas Car Insurance Phone Numbers

Car insurance customers can reach Ageas customer service 6 days a week, on Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 8pm and Saturdays from 8:30am to 4pm.

Ageas Car Insurance Contact Numbers
Customer service and new quotes0345 165 0920
24 Hour Helplines
Claims (bought direct from Ageas)0345 125 2450
Claims (not bought direct from Ageas)0345 122 3018
Glass Repair Helpline (bought direct from Ageas)0345 165 0581
Glass Repair Helpline (not bought direct from Ageas) 0800 174 764

Policy Documents

To read about the real ins and out of a Ageas policy, including what's covered and exclusions, read through the policy document here. This review is based upon this document and the details available from the Ageas website.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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