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How Much is Wedding Car Hire in the UK 2024?

Wondering how much it'll cost to hire your dream wedding car? We've found average wedding car prices for all types of cars, from vintage Bentleys to modern sports cars. Use our comprehensive guide to help you plan your budget and know if you're getting a good deal or not.

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Going to the chapel and you’re gonna get married? Chances are you want to do things in style by hiring a wedding car to take you to the location of your wedding. Hiring a wedding car is a specialist service that comes at an expense, depending on factors such as the length of the journey, the time of year it is and what type of car you choose.

Our research of the UK market showed that the average cost of a wedding car hire in the UK varies by location, ranging from £173 in Liverpool up to £288 in London. So while essentials such as venues, dresses, suits and catering might spring to mind as the biggest wedding expenses, wedding cars can also seriously dent your budget, too. Here's how prices vary by the type of car.

Wedding Car Hire Costs by Type of Car

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Wedding Car Hire CostsStarting average prices, per day
Sports Car£500
Vintage£150 - £300
American£300 - £1,500
Rolls Royce£150
Aston Martin£495 - £595
VW Beetle£320 - £400
VW Campervan£320

Sports Car Wedding Car Hire

Your wedding day is the one chance you have to live out your dreams, especially when it comes to the car that will transport you on your last journey as a singleton. Popular sports cars used for weddings include the Ferrari 488 GTB, Maserati GranTurismo S, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV and the Audi R8 Spyder.

The availability of your desired car is limited to certain areas as it depends on how many owners (who are willing to rent them out!) are local to you. Sports cars do come at a premium, averaging around £500 per car, not least because of their value and huge petrol consumption. Super Car Wedding is a handy place to look, as it shows you sports cars available for wedding hire across the UK.

As sports cars tend to be quite tight on space, they may not be ideal for transporting brides with larger dress styles. So, keep your bride’s dress in mind when picking a car, especially if both parties will be opting for a similar style vehicle.

Vintage/Classic Wedding Car Hire

If you’ve always dreamed of looking like you’ve come straight off a 1920’s film set on your wedding day, then a vintage car could be the direction to go in. Retro cars are considered the quintessential British wedding car. There’s no end of makes to choose from as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin and many other manufacturers have produced makes which are still used as wedding cars today.

The good news is that almost every town and city across the UK has several companies who supply vintage wedding cars for hire. A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud can be hired in Birmingham from £120 from Elite Wedding Services. Elsewhere in the country, East Riding Vintage Car Hire offers a majestic 1936 Armstrong Siddeley Long 20 Limousine. While prices for vintage cars average between £150-£300, they do make for a stunning addition to your wedding photos.

As mentioned, keep in mind that excessive distances from your home or to the venue from where your wedding car supplier is based may incur a fee. Also, as vintage cars typically drive much slower than modern-day vehicles, the time it could take to get to the venue could be longer. All in all, however, vintage cars make for a truly regal option for your wedding car.

Luxury Wedding Car Hire

Luxury wedding cars including makes such as Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover, Mercedes etc. The advantage of hiring a luxury brand for your wedding day is they make both stylish and safe choices, especially as there is less chance of them breaking down compared with vintage cars, and they are good for all weather conditions.

For extreme decadence, it’s possible to find Range Rover Limos, or even a gold Maserati GranTurismo S. The sky's the limit when it comes to luxury cars, but fortunately, your budget doesn’t have to be to hire one for your wedding, with luxury cars averaging at around £300 per car across the UK.

Depending on the type of luxury car you desire for your wedding, your location may impact what’s available closest to you. Typically, the South East has the largest collection of cars available, but luxury car hire is available right across the UK especially in cities such as Birmingham and Manchester.

American Wedding Car Hire

Whether you’re in a ‘New York State of Mind’ or are a fan of the wild west, you don’t have to go across the pond to find American cars to hire for your wedding day. Ultimate classics include the 1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, the 1947 Chevy Stylemaster and the good old Mustang, with the latter available right across the country through Ford Mustang Wedding.

One of the best places to look for an American wedding car is the aptly named American Wedding Cars. Here you’ll find everything from a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air to a 1996 Lincoln Stretched Limousine. As the suppliers are based right around the country, it makes it much easier than tracing individual companies and locations.

As American wedding cars are both imported and highly specialised, expect the price of hiring one may reflect this. And they are worth anywhere from £20,000 to £750,000, so the cost to hire one varies a lot depending on which car you want, how long you want the car and how far it has to drive to your wedding. A valuable car that has to travel a distance to a 3-day Asian wedding could cost £4,500 to hire.

On the flip side, they do make for incredibly unique transport options, especially as we aren’t used to seeing the likes of 1950’s pink Cadillacs on UK roads.

Wedding Car Hire Costs by Make and Model

Picture of a vintage wedding car
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Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire

Rolls Royce manufactures cars that are steeped in British decadence, combining both modern and vintage makes which are equally popular for weddings, depending on the time of year and the overall theme. For modern weddings, or weddings taking place during inclement weather, the Phantom is a very popular choice. Harking back to days gone by, the Wraith Saloon or The 1937 Vintage Rolls Royce are classic options.

As Rolls Royce are universally popular, you will find companies in every county of the UK who offer both modern and vintage models for wedding car hire. Elite Wedding Services in Dudley, for example, have a range of Rolls Royce models starting from £150 per car. The most common colour for Rolls Royce models is white, however, Diamond Rolls Royce of Manchester has gone one step further with their diamond covered offering, which can be yours to hire from £495.

Overall, Rolls Royce is a trusted brand when it comes to wedding cars, not least because of their versatility and durability. They are an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to exude elegance and class on their big day.

Aston Martin Wedding Car Hire

Aston Martins are synonymous with the James Bond franchise. Although weddings are a little more ring finger than Goldfinger, it’s clear to see why such a robust yet suave vehicle makes for such a sought-after wedding car choice.

The availability of Aston Martin wedding cars is a little trickier to find than more generic car brands. They also come at a premium, starting at £495 per car at Premier Carriage in Hertfordshire, for an Aston Martin V12 Rapide. In Devon, the Aston Martin DB5 (the same model used in Skyfall to ferry Bond and M up to Scotland) can be yours for £595, from Devon Classic Wedding Cars.

Their rarity and value mean it’s common to see a surcharge if you don’t live close to the company. Aston Martins in general also tend to be on the petite side when it comes to headroom, legroom and the number of people they can seat, so you might want to limit it to just the bride and groom.

Jaguar Wedding Car Hire

Similar to Rolls Royce, it’s possible to get either a modern stylish Jaguar or a vintage model. The main difference is that on average, Jaguars tend to be slightly more affordable. Jaguar Weddings Belfast offers their Jaguar’s for as low as £190 per car, which is ideal if you’re on a budget but still want a stylish option. The Jaguar XJ was placed in a poll for the top 10 for best wedding cars.

The older Jaguar models such as the Jaguar 1961 MK2 or the Jaguar MK V11 epitomise old school glamour. Jaguars are also in favour with the royals too, as Prince Harry drove Meghan Markle to their wedding reception in a Jaguar E-Type Zero. When the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton married James Matthews in 2017, she arrived in a Jaguar MK V which suited the warmer weather as it features an open-top design.

Mercedes Wedding Car Hire

Mercedes is a make of car that is built for weddings, not least because its iconic emblem that sits on the edge of the bonnet makes for the perfect ribbon holder. A popular model for weddings is the Mercedes S Class, which includes leather seats, privacy blinds and a panoramic roof so you won’t miss any of the details as you pull up to your ceremony.

Chauffeur Line offer a Mercedes S Class starting from £300 across London and the South East. However, as Mercedes is also a popular self-drive option, a cheaper alternative would be to rent one and return it the next day. A Mercedes C-Class starts at £81.75 per day from Dash Drive who are based in Cornwall. As Mercedes is an extremely common make, it’s possible to find one to hire right across the UK.

VW Beetle Wedding Car Hire

For a more quirky wedding car option, the VW Beetle harks back to the swinging sixties. This vintage make is available in a variety of styles, including those which are open top. In general, VW Beetle’s are a little more difficult to find due to their age, and the specialist care that is required to maintain them.

You can hire a VW Beetle from Vinnie’s Vintage Hire in Hampshire for £325. Further north in Cheshire, you can pick up a 1961 VW Beetle Deluxe named ‘Betsy’ from Lovely Wheels for £365. Unlike other car makes, the price of hiring a VW Beetle for your wedding day is fairly consistent across the country, ranging between £320 and £400 per car. There may also be an excess to pay for long travel distances with vintage models such as the VW Beetle.

VW Campervan Wedding Car Hire

VW Beetle’s also come in campervan options, which are ideal for larger bridal parties. Typically, they are associated with beach weddings. However, Ellie Goulding arrived at her wedding to Casper Jopling at York Minster in 2019 in a blue VW Campervan, elegantly demonstrating that they are incredibly versatile modes of transport.

If you are having a beach wedding, everywhere from Cornwall to Cleethorpes has companies nearby who offer VW Campervan as wedding cars. Cool 4 Campers in Falmouth offer VW Campervans from £320, which is pretty much the going rate across the UK. As they are fairly weatherproof, VW Campervans are an ideal choice for wedding cars all year round.

Wedding Car Hire by Number of Seats

Picture of a vintage wedding car
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8 Seater Wedding Car Hire

Travelling to your wedding with a galley of bridesmaids in tow? One of the most popular 8 seater wedding car choices is the stretch limo. You can hire a limo in practically every town and city across the UK, although availability may be limited during prom season.

If your wedding is a more classic affair, then look for something such as a White Daimler, which will seat up to 8, and can be hired from as little as £200. A more practical option would be the Mercedes Benz V Class which you can find for around £180 in London.

Larger capacity vehicles can work out extremely cost-effective, especially if your wedding party has to travel large distances. Plus, it means people can have a drink and not have to worry about driving home. It can also work out as a cheaper option, rather than renting multiple cars that only seat 2-3 people at a time.

7 Seater Wedding Car Hire

Obvious choices for modern 7 seater vehicles include minivans due to their lower cost. An example would be the Mercedes Viano 7 which offers both comfort and style. For a self-drive option, you can hire a 7 seater C4 Picasso from £55 a day.

If you are based around Nottingham, Sheffield or Leeds, Cupid Carriages have a custom-built 7 seater Imperial Viscount. Another great 7 seater vintage make is the 1928 Cadillac LaSalle. Or, the Austin 1958 Princess which comes in silver or white and can be hired from £235. It can accommodate up to 8 people, however, would give slightly more room with just 7 people so ideal for brides with larger dresses.

6 Seater Wedding Car Hire

With a 6 seater wedding car, it’s a good idea to weigh up whether a single 6 seater vehicle would work out better value than splitting the wedding party into 2 separate vehicles. After all, you are adding just 1 passenger onto the capacity of a regular car.

That being said, there are some interesting 6 seater cars. Aside from minivans, Land Rover Discovery HSE’s seat 6 plus the driver, as do Mercedes W124 Limousines. Either would make a comfortable and stylish choice for your wedding car, with both makes averaging around £220 each for their hire price.

Popular vintage 6 seater wedding cars include the Regent Landaulette and Daimler Empire. It’s also possible to hire a convertible Regent for around £400, which is ideal for spring/summer weddings.

5 Seater Wedding Car Hire

As the majority of cars seat 5 people, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the makes, models and also the prices you will find. Popular 5 seater wedding cars include makes such as Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Audi and Range Rover.

For something a little more quirky, the VW Campervan also seats 5 passengers. It’s spacious and easy to hire right across the UK. Expect to pay anywhere between £320 and £400 to hire a VW Campervan for your wedding day.

For an affordable option, there are several companies across the UK who offer ‘wedding taxi cabs’ that seat 5. The average price to hire one for your wedding is between £120-£150 including chauffeur and decorative elements added to the vehicle.

It’s worth noting that although the vehicle can seat up to 5 passengers (including the driver), some companies may restrict the vehicle to just 2 or 3 passengers, so always check this before you book.

4 Seater Wedding Car Hire

With 4 seater wedding cars, it may be possible they are regular 5 seater vehicles, however, the company has specified they only allow 4 passengers.

Popular 4 seater wedding cars include Mercedes S Class, Bentley Continental, BMW M5 and the Jaguar XJL. The prices average at £200, depending on the model of the car and where it’s located.

For vintage models, there are plenty to choose from. When only Rolls Royce will do, the 1955 Austin Princess Limousine seats 4 and costs £300 on average to hire for weddings.

Cheap Wedding Car Hire Prices

For the very cheapest wedding car price, opt for a self-drive option which will cost roughly £50 per day, depending on your location and the model of car or van you choose. The cheapest overall area for hiring a wedding car is Liverpool, which from the data we analysed came out at £173 per wedding car.

Overall, the Mercedes Benz V Class is one of the cheapest modern wedding day cars to hire which you can find for around £180 in London. Although this is a 7 seater rather than a more intimate vehicle, with some searching it is possible to find an even better deal making it a very affordable option.

At £150, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was one of the cheapest vintage wedding cars we could find for hire.

Wedding Car Hire Discounts

The majority of wedding car companies will offer a discount on certain times or days (such as if you are getting married on a Wednesday, not a Saturday). There may also be discounts for hiring more than one vehicle from the same company, so always check this out with them to see if you can reduce the overall price.

What to Look Out For with a Wedding Car Hire

When hiring a wedding car, you need to work out how many passengers you need to transport to the venue(s), and how long you will need to hire the car for. Many wedding car hire companies charge per hour, with a minimum 3 hour time slot required. The price of your wedding car will include a smartly dressed, fully trained chauffeur unless otherwise stated.

Keep in mind that your wedding car will need to accommodate the bride’s outfit, so smaller cars may make this tricky especially if other members of the bridal party are also travelling in the same car. Also keep in mind any accessibility issues for anyone travelling with you, to ensure the choice of vehicle is suitable.

Some wedding car companies will allow you to view the transport before you book, which can give you a good indication of the size and overall quality.

Another consideration is the weather. In warmer weather, vintage vehicles (especially carriages or convertible cars) are popular because they show off the bride more. On a very hot day, they are also less stuffy than a car. However, convertibles are not suitable for rain or colder weather, so you may wish to opt for a different style of car if your wedding is taking place during colder months.

Finally, make sure the rental includes car insurance, which it most certainly should. And you may want to buy wedding insurance which can help cover costs if, for instance, your wedding car doesn't show up.

Self Drive Wedding Car Hire

Paying for a wedding car usually includes paying for a chauffeur too. If you’re on an extreme budget, or if you want to hold onto your transport for longer than a couple of hours, hiring a self-drive wedding car might prove to be a better option.

There are some downsides to consider before you book your own transport. Firstly, experienced chauffeurs drive people to their wedding every single day. So, they know how to time the journey, calm the bride’s nerves and make sure the arrival is everything the couple ever dreamed of.

If you are getting someone to drive you to your wedding who has never done so before, there may be some hiccups causing stress on your big day. Your driver also won’t be able to have a drink at the wedding, unless it’s at a hotel whereby everyone is staying over. They’ll still need to be in a fit state to drive it back the next day!

The main advantages of hiring a self-drive wedding car are the lower costs and the longer time allowance you have before the vehicle needs to be returned, which is typically 24 hours as opposed to just 3 for regular wedding cars. You could also use the car (or van) to ferry guests back home, as opposed to hiring lots of transport or paying for taxis. If your wedding venue is at a remote location, hiring a larger vehicle with 10+ seats may work out easier and cheaper too.

Chauffeur Driven Wedding Car Hire

Unless renting a self-drive car or otherwise stated, the cost of your wedding car hire will include the cost of the chauffeur, who is normally specially trained and employed by the company.

Your chauffeur has the important job of delivering the bride/groom and other members of the wedding party such as the mother of the bride, bridesmaids etc to the wedding on time. However, more than that they are there to reassure you and deliver you to your wedding on time and in a dignified fashion. They will also wait for you while the ceremony is taking place to deliver you to the reception, if the two are being held at separate locations.

The cost of hiring a chauffeur depends on how long you require the car for, and if any excessive distances are required. Typically, you should expect to pay between £120 and £500, which depends entirely on the make and model of the car itself, as well as how many hours you reserve the car for.

Be aware that some companies will only serve one wedding per day to allow for timings that overrun, traffic etc. Other wedding car hire companies will sandwich 2-3 weddings per day, which could mean they are late to turn up, or that your experience feels rushed. Always ask before you book, so you can be sure you will get the memorable experience that you hoped for.

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