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Does More Than do fast food delivery car insurance?

Here we'll explain what to do if you have an More Than car insurance policy and you want to work as a delivery driver or courier.

More Than policyholders are NOT covered for using their cars for food delivery or other paid delivery or courier work. Here's what you'll need to do if you have More Than and want to work as a courier or food delivery driver.

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Does More Than cover delivery or courier driving?

No, More Than does not cover delivery driving. However they may permit policyholders to buy a supplemental Hire & Reward (H&R) policy to cover their delivery driving. H&R is required by law for anyone earning money for making deliveries.

To confirm this, we spoke to the RSA press office over the phone, and they told us they are happy for policyholders to take out top-up H&R cover BUT the policyholder should inform them before doing so. This makes More Than one of the few UK car insurers who work with top-up H&R cover for delivery people.

A top-up H&R policy would cover the delivery aspect of your driving; your underlying social, domestic and pleasure (SD&P) policy with More Than would cover your regular, non-work, day-to-day driving. If you're interested in learning more about H&R cover, please read our in-depth guide to delivery driving and food delivery insurance.

All that said, we've heard from a reader who left a comment in our article about which companies cover top-up H&R insurance who said in their experience RSA (More Than) doesn't accept top-up like Zego. Permissions might vary from person to person, so you'll need to call up to ask.

Can I make deliveries without hire & reward cover?

No, it is critical that you do not make any deliveries until you've secured H&R cover. Doing so would be illegal, invalidating your underlying SD&P cover—and if you have an accident or are caught it could result in points, fines, seizure of your car, having your licence taken away and possible financial ruin! Best avoided.

What do I do now?

If you want to work as a delivery driver or courier and you currently have More Than insurance, you'll need to ring them to notify the company that you'll be working as a paid delivery driver and getting their permission to buy top-up cover. You must always declare your work/a new job to your car insurance provider, anyway.

But to recap, you generally have two options for finding delivery driver insurance:

  • Keep SD&P cover from More Than (or another car insurer that will work with top-up cover) and buy top-up H&R cover separately (e.g., Zego), or
  • Go to a specialist broker to secure cover for both SD&P (for your personal driving) and H&R (for your delivery driving).

You can read our full Zego review to learn more about the company and the product. The way Zego top-up cover works is that a driver has a regular car insurance policy (say, with More Than) that covers their personal driving, and then they buy Zego PAYG top-up H&R insurance which covers their delivery driving. And you can read our full review of More Than car insurance here:

Read Full Review of More Than Car Insurance

What to look out for

If you go with the top-up H&R insurance option and SD&P from More Than or a competitor, be sure to inform your SD&P insurer of your delivery work.

Also, make sure that one of these policies covers your commute between work and home, so that you are driving legally with cover during that portion of your journey. That said, while commuting should show up on one of your certificates of motor insurance, it should not appear on both (you would get one certificate of insurance for your SD&P and another from your separate, top-up H&R provider), as this could lead to confusion regarding who was liable if you have an accident on the way to or from work.

Final thoughts

It is always critical to call up your insurer or potential insurers and confirm that you are covered on all fronts, such as whether or not your SD&P provider will accept top-up cover. That said, beware that not all car insurance customer support team members seem to know the rules as well as we'd hope—if you get a confusing or conflicted answer, perhaps ask the rep to check with the underwriting team, as they have the final say.

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  • Note: Inexperienced food delivery drivers with 0 years of no claims may have difficulty getting a quote in the current market.
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