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North East England Car Insurance Costs

In a comprehensive review by NimbleFins car insurance experts, it was discovered that certain car insurance providers in the North East can charge 2X as much as cheaper quotes. This finding is supported by the comprehensive survey by NimbleFins' comparison engine partner, which demonstrated that comparing car insurance quotes can save you up to £530.

In the North East of England, the average cost of cheap comprehensive car insurance for our sample driver was £670. There was a huge difference in car insurance costs from company to company, however, with companies like Ageas and Tesco quoting prices more than double that of the cheapest car insurance companies such as popular brands Admiral and Hastings. Churchill also offers low rates but wouldn't quote for nearly a third of NE post codes.

Chart comparing cheap car insurance companies in the North East of England

Comprehensive cover is often the best value. You would think that Comprehensive cover is the most expensive type of car insurance, since it is the "best" cover. However, we found that in the North East Third Party Only cover costs 2X as much as Comprehensive cover—£1,337 on average for TPO cover vs. £670 for Comprehensive cover.

North East England Car Insurance Brokers

Independent car insurance brokers can be useful resources for North East drivers that aren't comfortable buying a policy online, or who have questions about coverage options. You may pay an arrangement fee or higher cancellation fees when using a broker, however. Below, we've compiled a list of car insurance agents in North East, England.

BrokerAddressPhone Number
B Portwood & Co Ltd145 Newgate St, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7EN01388 607105
B Portwood & Co.Ltd44 Medomsley Rd, Consett, DH8 5HA01207 509446
B.I.B (Darlington) Ltd150-154, Northgate, Darlington, DL1 1QU01325 521298
Barrie of Durham28 Sutton St, Durham, DH1 4DA0191 384 8307
Bestford InsuranceSwan House 172-174 Station Rd, Wallsend, NE28 8QT0191 262 8872
Castle Insurance Services Ltd15 Marshall Terrace, Gilesgate, Durham, DH1 2HX0191 383 0401
Central Insurance Consultants Ltd36-40 Scotswood Rd, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 7JD0191 406 4712
Crosby Insurance Brokers9 Kenton Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 3BQ0191 213 0748
E W Knapton Insurance7 Kensington, Bishop Auckland, DL14 6HY01388 605656
E2EUnity House Dudley Rd, Darlington, DL1 4GG01325 352626
Elliott Westland Insurance Brokers1 Lambton House Newbottle St, Houghton Le Spring, DH4 4AR0191 500 0000
Impact Assist LtdUnit 2l Admiral Business Park, Nelson Park West, Cramlington, NE23 1WG01670 736100
Jowetts Autoquote8a Marlborough Crescent, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4EE0191 462 2001
My Best QuoteFerndale House, 70-71, North Rd, Boldon Colliery, NE35 9AX0845 230 0119
Premier Insurance17 Victoria Rd, Consett, DH8 5BQ01207 261396
T S Reed & Co5 Pelaw Bank, Chester Le Street, DH3 3TJ0191 388 2875
Talbot Jones Risk Solutions LtdUnit A11, Design Works, William St, Gateshead, NE10 0JP0191 438 7977
Telford-Reede Insurance Ltd133 Front St, Chester Le Street, DH3 3BL0191 388 6454
Towergate BibOakwood House, 82, Eastmount Rd, Darlington, DL1 1LA01325 353888
Weir Insurance Brokers Ltd12 Stanley St, Blyth, NE24 2BU0800 281453
Westminster Taxi Insurance43 Ancrum St, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 4LQ0191 230 2920
Westminster Taxi InsuranceConcept 2000 Sunderland Rd, Gateshead, NE10 9LQ0191 469 9944

North East England Vehicle Accident Rates

The rate of road traffic accidents in an area—there were 1,792 in the North East in 2018—influences auto insurance prices. In fact, it can impact premiums for all three types of car insurance (Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Third Party Only).

North East England Car Theft and Accident Statistics
North East Population2,655,400
Number of Cars1,155,188
Number of Car Accidents1,792
Seriously Injured872

The biggest cause of car accidents in the North East is a driver error or reaction—this is a factor in 61% of road traffic accidents in North East England. In particular, failing to look properly was a factor in 36% of car crashes in 2018.

Chart showing causes of car accidents in the North East of England

North East England Vehicle Crime Rates

The frequency of vehicle crimes—there are 6.1 per 1,000 people in the North East of England in early 2024—has an effect on car insurance premiums. Specifically, it influences the way auto insurance companies set prices for Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire and Theft policies, both of which cover your car if it's stolen. The worst vehicle crime rates in the North East are in Middlesborough, where there are 10.9 crimes per 1,000 people. In comparison, Northumberland has significantly lower vehicle crime rates (3.1 per 1,000).

Vehicle Crime Rates in North East Englandper 1,000 People
County Durham4.1
North Tyneside5.6
Redcar & Cleveland7.1
South Tyneside7.9

What is considered "Vehicle Crime"? Vehicle crime essentially includes theft from a vehicle and theft of a vehicle. In general, theft from a vehicle is 5X more common than theft of a vehicle.

Chart showing vehicle crime rates in North East, England

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes by Local Area

Car insurance prices vary depending on where you live in the North East. This is because car accident and car theft rates are higher in some areas, which presents a higher risk to car insurance companies. For example, post codes in Chester-le-Street West Central and Sunderland were quoted rates nearly 2X as high as Tynemouth, Stanley, Blyth Valley, Whitley Bay and Stockton-on-Tees. See how your area compares below.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in the North EastPostcodeAverage of 5 Cheapest Quotes
Blyth ValleyNE26£584
Whitley BayNE26£584
Ashington CentralNE63£644
Ingleby Barwick WestTS17£659
Newton AycliffeDL5£679
South ShieldsNE34£688
Bishop AucklandDL14£702
Billingham EastTS23£717
Newcastle upon TyneNE6£724
Cramlington WestNE23£751
Washington EastNE38£807
Peterlee EastSR8£849
Chester-le-Street West CentralDH3£938


Car insurance quotes can be very high depending on factors like where you live, the car your drive, your age, your driving record, etc. Car insurance companies use these factors to determine the risk of a claim from theft or accident.
The cheapest car insurance company will vary from person to person; some popular cheap car insurance brands from some of the largest UK car insurance companies include Admiral, Churchill, Hastings and Quotemehappy.
To find cheap car insurance in your area, check with a car insurance comparison site such as our partner QuoteZone to get a feel for how the UK market prices your unique situation.
Our survey of the market in North East, England found that an at-fault accident can make your car insurance costs increase by at least 10%, if not more. In this area, the average cheap car insurance quote went from £670 for a good driving and claims history up to £741 for an at-fault accident within three years.


To determine average car insurance costs for cities like Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham in the North East, we gathered hundreds of quotes for a sample driver. The sample driver is aged 35 years old and drives a 5-year-old Ford Fiesta. Unless otherwise noted, the driver has a good driving record with no history of accidents and 5 years of no claims bonus.

To compare prices across the region, we gathered quotes for 50 North East post codes. This allowed us to find the areas of the North East where drivers pay the least and the most for car insurance. We priced policies from over two dozen companies, including:

  • Hastings
  • Admiral
  • Churchill
  • LV
  • More Than
  • Elephant
  • RAC
  • esure
  • People's Choice
  • Sainsbury's Bank
  • Tesco Bank

When determining the cheapest car insurance companies for the North East, we only included providers that returned quotes across more than 70% of the post codes we checked. Some brands only offer cover in certain neighbourhoods, perhaps in areas from which they expect lower claims. Most notable would be Churchill—they come up quite cheap compared to the market but they are more restrictive in the postcodes they cover. They very well might be cheapest for you, if they cover your area.

To determine rates of vehicle crime and car accidents in the North East, we analysed data from the Department for Transport and UK Crime Stats.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for the North East

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Note regarding savings figures: *For information on the latest saving figures, pay-less-than figures, and pay-from figures used for promotional purposes, please click here.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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