Geoffrey Car Insurance Review: Excellent Customer Reviews

Geoffrey Car Insurance Review: Excellent Customer Reviews

Solid customer reviews and a good set of features including a higher limit for child car seats, but they don't cover panoramic glass roofs.

Good for

  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Customer service open 7 days a week
  • 3 days EU cover included
  • Solid features

Bad for

  • Monthly instalments charged at 26.9% APR
  • Despite overall great customer reviews, some people report difficulty with claims

Editor's Rating


The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

The Geoffrey brand seems to offer good prices and customer service. But with so many options in the UK car insurance market, do Geoffrey offer good value for money? Let’s take a look at what Geoffrey has to offer.

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In This Review

Geoffrey Car Insurance Overall Review

Is Geoffrey car insurance any good? Excellent customer ratings and a solid set of features bode well for potential policyholders. Geoffrey Plus comprehensive car insurance includes windscreen repair or replacement, cover for belongings, new car replacement and a generous £300 per child seat in the event of a covered claim.

However, there are some limitations to note. For example, keys are covered, but only for theft not damage or loss—unless you buy an add Keycare cover.

A courtesy car is available, subject to availability, if your car is being repaired after an insured accident—those wanting a courtesy car in the event of theft or write off need to pay extra for the "Guaranteed Hire Vehicle" option. One nice feature is that you can also opt for their Guaranteed Hire Car Plus add on which secures you a larger, 4-door family saloon, should you need that size of vehicle.

And their Essentials policy offers less coverage—e.g. no glass cover, cover for keys/locks or emergency transport after an accident.

You need to pay extra for other optional coverages such as breakdown cover (provided by the RAC) and legal expenses. You’ll receive up to 3 days cover at the same level when driving in the EU, which you can upgrade to 90 days if you're planning a longer trip. You can add this upgrade at any time during the policy year, so if you're not sure of your travel plans at the moment this can be added at a later point in time.

Geoffrey cancellation fees range from £25 during the cooling off period up to £50 afterwards, which are in line with average cancellation fees in the UK. To make a mid-term change you'll pay a £25 fee—there's no free online option like you'll find at some brands such as budget brand General Accident.

Pay Monthly customers can buy Geoffrey car insurance on an instalment basis, but the rate is 26.9% APR. To save money, pay annually to potentially save tens or even hundreds pounds a year, depending on your premium.

Customer service is open 7 days a week, which is also a bonus for those who work during the week.


Geoffrey car insurance is arranged and administered by BISL Limited and underwritten by a panel of insurers. Here is a high-level summary of features on Geoffrey comprehensive cover according to this Geoffrey Plus specimen policy from May 2023 (policy with Markerstudy Insurance Services Limited who are the managing agent for West Bay Insurance plc, the underwriter)—remember, these features are always subject to conditions and exclusions and you should check your policy document and features before you buy in case they differ from this sample document.

How Good is Geoffrey Car Insurance?A Good Policy IncludesDoes Geoffrey Deliver?Geoffrey Comprehensive Coverage
WindscreenFull repair or replacement
thumbs up
Included if you use an approved repairer, but panoramic glass roofs not covered
thumbs up
Up to £200
question mark
Up to £500 (£100 excess) for theft only (not loss or damage)
Protected NCD2 times in 3 years (standard or optional extra)
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
Car recovery after accidentIncluded
thumbs up
Reasonable costs for the protection, removal and storage of the car
Courtesy car (repairs)Minimum 14 days
thumbs up
Repairs guaranteed (if use approved repairer)12-month guarantee
thumbs up
3 years
"Should Have" Features
New car replacementTheft or damage at least 60% of list price; cars up to 12 months old; first owner
thumbs up
If the cost of repair is valued at more than 60% of the cost of buying an identical new car at the time of the loss or damage
Stereo and satellite navMarket value for manufacturer fitted
thumbs up
Unlimited for original manufacturer-fitted equipment, otherwise £500 for permanently-fitted equipment
Alternative transport & Hotel after accident£250+
red x
Up to £50 per person, max £150 for alternative transport or accommodation
24-hour emergency helplineStandard
thumbs up
24 hour claims lines
Courtesy car (total loss or theft)Standard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
Motor legal expensesStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
Breakdown coverStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
"Could Have" Features
Same cover in EUStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
Up to 90 days or more if you purchase additional cover.
Child car seat replacement after accident, theft, fireIdeally replaced even if no visible damage
thumbs up
Up to £300 per seat
Larger/premium courtesy carStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
No fault NCD protectionStandard
red x
Not available
Uninsured driver NCD protectionStandard
red x
Not available
Cancellation feeNo more than £50
thumbs up
£25 within the 14-day cooling off period; £30 to £50 after the first 14 days

Learner Driver Cover

Geoffrey also offers insurance for learner drivers, which is separately provided in partnership with Marmalade. Learner driver cover is available for 30, 60 or 90 days to protect you and keep you legally insured while you're learning to drive. The car's main insurance policy is not affected by any claims that arise; this includes protection for the premium and no claims discount.

Geoffrey Car Insurance Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

Geoffrey practically tops the charts when it comes to customer reviews, but let's scratch below the surface. We scoured real customer comments from various online resources to see if any problems leap out as being an issue. Overall, the reviews are glowing—and there are thousands of them—but the few negative reviews are worth being aware of. Here's what we found.

Geoffrey Ratings & Customer Reviews

Geoffrey Car Insurance Reviews Trustpilot

Geoffrey has been rated with a remarkable trust score of 4.6 by customers at Trustpilot. This score is based on over 12,000 reviews so should be a very reliable indicator of the typical customer experience. And while 4.7 stars is really high for an insurance company, we should not that it has slipped down from 4.9 (although that rating was truly remarkable for insurance).

It is worth noting that nearly all of the reviews were in relation to sales or administration changes like cancellation, renewals, adding a car or changing address—there are relatively few customer reviews having to do with claims.

Here are some sample quotes from real customers who rated Geoffrey as "excellent". Common themes amongst the 5-star reviews were excellent customer service when handling administration issues such as updating details, changing your car, or canceling a renewal. Their customer service is consistently rated as polite, friendly, helpful and efficient.

"Spoke with Sharon today and it was a refreshingly easy process to cancel my insurance (only cancelled because my car died beyond repair). She was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful—talking to a real person made it such a hassle free experience, thank you! Would recommend."

"Excellent prices, well trained and helpful staff!"

"She took the time to listen to what I had considered may have been complicated, but dealt with each aspect with ease and confidence which took the stress out of the situation."

Only 1% of Geoffrey's reviews are negative, which is extremely low for an insurance company. They mostly relate to difficulty with the claims process or some hiccups with renewals due to the switch to a new underwriter, BISL:

"4 days before the renewal I receive a phone call to say that the underwriter has changed and I had to make a new application, thought this a bit late and a bit unusual, anyway after giving all my details again on the phone which had not changed from the previous year, I was informed that the new underwriter refused to insure me!"

"... interviewer decides to note my claim will be voided as I drive in the evening to meet colleagues for dinner? Apparently meeting colleagues was a commute and I had social insurance..."

"... called Geoffrey insurance and advisor was impolite and will not give her a courtesy car as her car is irreparable."

Reading the negative reviews, we noticed that a number of complaints were from people unhappy with a situation dictated by the terms of the policy—for instance, the Geoffry policy wording states that a courtesy car is given for damage or theft, but there's no mention of a write off. Many brands won't supply a courtesy car in the event of a total loss/write off—but we do wish this was stated more clearly in the specimen policy document. Reading the policy wording (while it seems painful!) can really help you in the long run, no matter which company you buy a policy from.

Geoffrey Car Insurance Quote Comparison

We did a quick check of customer comments on various review sites to see what policyholders say about Geoffrey prices.

While prices will vary significantly depending on factors such as your age, how long you’ve been driving and your postcode, we found that a significant proportion of Geoffrey customer reviews praised the company for cheap prices and great value for money, as we discuss in our customer review section.

Geoffrey Car Insurance Deals

It’s well worth paying annually instead if you're able to, in order to save on the 26.9% APR that is charged for paying your premium in monthly instalments.

Households with more than one car can save money using multi car cover.

If you're able to park your car in a safer location, such as a garage or even a private driveway, you are likely to save money versus leaving it on the street overnight.

It's always a good idea to compare the market also, especially when it comes time for renewal, to make sure you'll getting a good deal. You can find Geoffrey on our car insurance partner QuoteZone, a comparison website that works with over 100 brands in the UK car insurance market.

Geoffrey Cancellation fees

While Geoffrey does charge you to cancel your insurance at rates that are close to the average UK car insurance cancellation fees, even during the cooling off period, we really like how they drop the cancellation fees over time (for some policies, that is). That is, the longer you're with them, the lower the cancellation fee. So, for example, if you sell your car in month 10 of your policy, your cancellation fee is £35 instead of £50. Plus you need to pay for time covered, of course.

Notice that you pay £5 less to cancel if you bought your policy directly from them.

Geoffrey Fees
Mid-term adjustment to the policy£25
Failed payment fee£20
Cancellation after 14 days (assuming no claims)£50
Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR)26.9%

They will not refund payments for additional cover if your Geoffrey Insurance Services insurance policy is cancelled (e.g. Motor Legal Protection, Breakdown Cover, Guaranteed Replacement Car, Keycare, No Claims Discount cover)

Important Geoffrey Car Insurance Telephone Numbers

Geoffrey Car Insurance Contact NumbersDRCAR or DRCMV policies13XXXXXXX.XX or 93XXXXXXX.XX policies
Customer Services, renewal, changes01227 284 0200808 196 1548
Get a quote0808 196 1526
Get a learner quote01346 416 820
24-hour helplines
Claims01227 284 0900808 196 1549
Windscreen claims01227 284 037 or 0800 587 0808


Geoffrey may automatically renew your policy if they don't receive instructions from you to cancel the policy from the renewal date. In that case you're liable for any premiums that fall due. You can opt out of the automatic renewal process by contacting customer service.
Geoffrey is a trading name (aka, a division) of Markerstudy. Markerstudy acts as agent on behalf of underwriters West Bay Insurance plc.
This may be included on your policy, limited to third party liability only, and you can check your Certificate of Motor Insurance to confirm. If so, there are some rules such as needing the owner's permission. Also, you're not covered to driver other cars if your car is damaged beyond economic repair or stolen.
You can get a Geoffrey quote directly from their website or over the telephone; alternatively, you can find Geoffrey on comparison sites like our car insurance partner QuoteZone.
Geoffrey cancellation fees vary by your policy number and when you cancel during the policy year. Fees range from £25 during the 14 day cooling off period up to £50 and you can find more details here.
Geoffrey charges £25 to make a mid-term adjustment to your policy, which includes changing your address, adding a driver, changing your car, etc. They typically charge £20 if your monthly payment bounces.
See this list of Geoffrey car insurance contact phone numbers to reach sales, customer service, claims, renewals and cancellations—telephone numbers vary depending on your policy number so have that ready. To login to your account click here.
Geoffrey car insurance customer service lines are open 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturdays and 9am to 4pm Sundays and bank holidays, unless your policy starts with 13 or 93, in which case the hours are the same except for a 10am start on Sundays and bank holidays.

Policy Documents

To access your policy details check the Geoffrey website—you'll need to know when you took out your policy as the policy booklets change every so often.

Other Car Insurance Reviews

If you'd like to compare Geoffrey to other car insurance companies, see some of our list of car insurance reviews. Some popular car insurance company reviews are listed below:

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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