Sterling Car Insurance Review: The Right Broker for You?

Sterling Car Insurance Review: The Right Broker for You?

A car insurance broker that is available online, but they say you'll get the best deal if you call in.

Good for

  • As a broker, they'll try to help you find the right policy

Bad for

  • Customer service not open on Sunday
  • Higher arranging fees of £100

Editor's Rating


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Read about Sterling to see if it might be the right car insurance broker for you. Find out how Sterling compares and how existing policyholders rate their customer service. For a quick quote from up to 100 brands including Sterling Owners Club, click the blue "Get Quotes" button below.

In This Review

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes From 100+ Brands in Under 2 Minutes

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Sterling Car Insurance Overall Review

Sterling is a broker so they will try to find you the best price from their selection of partners, which includes some of the biggest UK car insurance companies such as Ageas, Aviva, AXA and LV. Here is a list of some of the dozens of car insurance brands they work with:

  • ABC
  • Ageas
  • Allianz
  • Aviva
  • AXA
  • Covea
  • Eridge
  • ERS
  • Geo
  • Hagerty
  • Highway
  • KGM
  • Kinetic
  • LV
  • Markerstudy
  • Midas
  • Octane
  • Premier
  • Prestige
  • Sabre
  • Tansar
  • Towergate
  • Trinity Lane
  • Xpekt
  • XS Direct
  • Zenith
  • Zurich

Interestingly, while you'll see Sterling on comparison sites such as our parter QuoteZone, they say you'll get the best deal by calling in to their sales lines (0344 381 9990)—in many other areas of life, you get the best deal online. If you have time and are very price sensitive, it may be worth getting quotes online AND over the phone and seeing which is better for you.

In terms of features, what you get will depend on which company underwrites your policy. However, Sterling offers lots of features as add ons, which means you can customise your policy to your needs, to a large extent.


Since Sterling is a broker that deals with many different insurers, customers might get different features depending on which company has underwritten their policy. Here are some of the add ons they offer:

Optional add ons
Key coverfrom £17
Breakdownfrom £46.80
Courtesy car£23
Personal possessionsfrom £26
Legal supportfrom £19
Misfueling cover£13.99

Sterling Car Insurance Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

Sterling has been rated with 4.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot—quite a high rating for car insurance, but the rating only reflects 130+ reviews which is quite a small number. More than half of reviewers rated Sterling as "Excellent". As a test, we called in to ask a few questions about discounts and found that not only did we get through to a customer service rep instantly, but that the rep was very helpful and polite.

Sterling Insurance Trustpilot Customer Ratings
Trustpilot customer service rating4.1 out of 5

We also scoured the Trustpilot reviews to try to spot any consistent complaints that could be an issue and to see what people like about Sterling. Here's a sample of what we found. Positive reviews are frequently about the low prices and helpful call centre staff:

"We rang up, to arrange my first car insurance as a "L" driver, the lady I spoke to was extremely helpful, and informative, giving me advice that I was not aware of. She was so helpful I wouldn't think twice about recommending this instance company."

"A very easy experience with very helpful emails and tips. The online page is uncluttered and to the point. The insurance prices are excellent."

The negative customer reviews covered a lot of territory, with a number on the topic of price rises and difficulty with the set up process (e.g., getting your NCD accepted). Here are a few samples:

"Set up process doesn’t work smoothly. Website log on also didn’t work. And had problems getting paperwork accepted. All in all quite poor service."

"First was informed that my annual cost would be 800 GBP, which was why I accepted the offer. A few weeks later it was changed to 1700 GBP—really and disappointing."

Sterling Car Insurance Discounts

Sterling offers many car insurance discounts that you'd find elsewhere in the market, such as money off for safe driving, no claims discounts and paying in full each year. Additionally, there are some other ways to save with Sterling such as a limited mileage policy for those who don't drive a lot.

DiscountWho qualifies?
No Claims BonusYou may be able to transfer a NCB built up elsewhere to your new policy
Limited mileage policyA limited mileage policy can save you money if you're a low mileage driver
Car securityAdding security alarms, electronic immobilisers and/or trackers can lower your insurance premium
Car storageKeeping your car in a locked garage at night helps protect it from theft and should lower your premium
Multicar policyIf you own more than one car, insuring all of them on one policy might lower the amount you pay overall
TelematicsA black box for new drivers might lower your rate
Join a clubOwners Club members might make additional savings up to 20%!
Pay upfrontPay your full premium at the start of the policy to save money (variable APR)
Buy your policy earlyBuying your policy a few weeks ahead of the start date can generally save you money

Cancellation & Administration Fees

As a broker, Sterling will charge administration fees for arranging or renewing a policy, making changes, cancelling your policy, etc.—these are in addition to any fees charged by the underwriter.

Cancellation Fees
Arranging or renewing a policyup to £100
Changes due to nondisclosures or misrepresentation at time of the quote and/or policy inception£35
Arranging collection of bad debts£35
Processing uncleared cheques£30
Cancelling policies within the 14-day cooling off period£30
Cancelling policies after the 14-day cooling off period£30
Making changes to your policy£30

Important Sterling Car Insurance Phone Numbers

Sterling customer service is available over the phone on Monday - Friday from 9am - 5:30pm and Saturday from 9am - 2pm—they're not open on Sundays.

Sterling Car Insurance Contact Numbers
Customer Services0344 381 9990
24/7 Helplines
Claims0344 381 9350

Types of Car Insurance Available from Sterling

  • Green Card Insurance
  • Learner Driver Insurance
  • Car Insurance for Mature Drivers
  • Short Term Car Insurance
  • Young Driver Insurance
  • Banger Rally Car Insurance
  • Campervan Insurance
  • Expat Car Insurance
  • Modified Car Insurance
  • Motorhome Insurance
  • Mini Insurance
  • Smart Car Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Volkswagen Car Insurance
  • Walkabout Insurance


  • Q: Is Sterling car insurance any good?
  • A: Sterling works with some of the best and cheapest car insurance brands in the UK, and offers solid customer service.
  • Q: why is Sterling Insurance so cheap?
  • A: If you find Sterling offering a cheap quote and are wondering why, remember that they work with dozens of car insurance partners. As a result, even if some insurers would offer unattractive premiums for your application, Sterling may be able to find a brand able to offer a lower price to you.
  • Q: What is Sterling owners club insurance?
  • A: Sterling offers discounts of up to 20% for members of an owners club. The discount depends upon the insurer, not the club. You can pretty much get the discount if you join any type of car club, even on Facebook.
  • Q: Does Sterling do gap insurance?
  • A: We don't see any gap insurance offering on their website.
  • Q: Does Sterling do multicar insurance?
  • A: Sterling may be able to get you a discount on a second car, but it will depend on the underwriter.

Policy Documents

Those getting insurance through Sterling can be insured by a number of different insurers. Here you can find the policy wording depending on which insurer underwrites your policy—we always recommend reading the policy documents before signing up.

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