24 7 Home Rescue Review

24 7 Home Rescue Review

With solid customer reviews, 24|7 Home Rescue can be a great option for your home heating and boiler emergency plans.

Good for

  • Great customer reviews
  • Unlimited callouts and repair requests
  • 95% first fix rate

Bad for

  • Bit expensive compared to some alternatives

Editor's Rating


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24|7 Home Rescue offers a number of options for insuring your home against emergencies like boiler breakdown, plumbing & draining problems, electricity breakdowns, security issues. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

24|7 Home Rescue Review

If you're looking for a home emergency plan, 24|7 Home Rescue is a relative newcomer to the market but they've made quite a splash. Great customer reviews bode well for your experience when you're facing a home emergency, and some of their terms are particularly attractive (e.g., can cancel at any time while it's a monthly contract not an annual contract). Here's what we like about their offering:

Why We Like 24|7 Home Rescue

  • They've earned 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot
  • Unlimited call outs & repair requests
  • Parts and labour are included up to £1,000 per issue, and they only use new parts for repairs (from the manufacturer where possible)
  • They have access to plumbers, drainage experts, electricians, locksmiths and security specialists to help as needed

They used to have a 30-day rolling agreement on all plans to start off with, but now it seems that plans are 12-month contracts. You can cancel during the policy year without a cancellation fee, however. During the 14-day cooling off period, it's a simple cancellation and if you've made any claims they are not covered by your agreement but can be handled as pay on use. After the cooling off period, if you’ve made an accepted claim or have had an engineer’s visit (e.g. a boiler service) you will be subject to cancellation charges of £84 to £135 (depending on the policy)—the charge will never be more than your annual premium and they'll take off any excesses you've paid in the policy year.

24|7 Home Rescue offers homeowners and landlords 4 different boiler, heating and home care plans to choose from. Here is an overview of the features on each plan:

24 7 Home Rescue PlansBoiler BasicBoiler CareHeating CareHome Care
Annual Boiler Serviceoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
CP12 Certificate (landlord only)n/ayesyesyes
Boiler Breakdownyesyesyesyes
Boiler replacementn/ayesyesyes
Central Heating Systemn/an/ayesyes
Internal Plumbing & Drainagen/an/an/ayes
Electrical Emergencyn/an/an/ayes
Home Securityn/an/an/ayes
Pest Controln/an/an/ayes
External Plumbing & Drainagen/an/an/ayes
24-hour helplinen/ayesyesyes

What's Not Included

Packages offered by 24|7 used to be service plans, but now they are considered to have 'insurance products'. Here is more information on what's not included. Read their terms and conditions to find out more.

  • General maintenance such as descaling of central heating pipes, adjusting timing/ temperature controls of a gas central heating system, radiator bleeding, and pressure issues.
  • Maintaining or replacing fan convector heaters, heated towel rails or underfloor heating.
  • Corrosion or any work arising from hard water scale deposits is not included.
  • Sludge or hard water scale removal from a protected system is not covered, nor is the repair or replacement of parts that have failed to due sludge or scale.
  • Pre-existing or intermittent faults are not covered.
  • Alternative accommodation if your home is uninhabitable is not included.
  • Boilers not serviced in the past 12 months are not covered.
  • Boilers beyond economic repair (meaning it will cost too much to repair relative to the cost of a new boiler) are not covered.

24|7 Customer Ratings

24|7 must be doing something right because they have very high customer ratings, which we think is important for a home emergency service company. In fact, at the time of writing over 66,000 customers had rated 24|7 Home Rescue with a Trustscore of 4.6 stars out of 5 at Trustpilot. In fact, 76% of customers rated their experience as "Excellent" while 8% rated their experience as "Bad." Here's what some happy customers have to say about their experience:

"The engineer phoned to let me know his eta. Whilst with us he explained everything and checked everything before he left. Very professional."

"Engineer, very polite, on time and found the fault straight away."

The most common complaint for 24|7 was related to breakdowns of boilers where the repair cost is high relative to the cost of the boiler. Boilers that are deemed too expensive to repair relative to the value of the boiler are not covered. They're deemed not economically repairable, or Beyond Economic Repair (BER). If after an engineer visit and assessment repair costs are estimated at more than the current value of the boiler, then you won't be covered.

24|7 Prices & Discounts

Depending on the features you need, a 24|7 service plan will cost from £11.99 a month up to £13.99 a month (and landlords pay the same as homeowners), although from time to time they offer discounts with a few quid off each month. Keep in mind that there is also a call out fee (aka 'excess'), which you pay once per repair request, so you only pay one call out fee even if an engineer visits multiple times for the same problem. The prices below reflect a £95 excess. If you choose a lower excess, the prices will be higher. The excess would be paid once per completed repair (meaning, if multiple visits are required for one repair, only one excess would be charged).

24 7 Home Rescue Monthly Prices (£95 excess)HomeownerLandlord
Boiler Basic£14.99£16.99
Boiler Care£14.99£16.99
Heating Care£15.99£17.99
Home Care£17.99£19.99

And you might be able to secure a 10% discount with code SAVE10 or even a 30% discount with SAVE30—these may change from time to time but are certainly worth a try!

A year or two ago, 24|7 brought prices down to be more in line with the average cost of home emergency plans in the UK, which we are glad to see, although since then they've raised the cost of all their policies by a few quid per month. But, we believe they'd added a feature which could account for this added premium—it seems that they may make a contribution towards a new boiler if yours is deemed beyond economic repair. But there aren't many details about this in their terms and conditions, unfortunately.


24|7 Home Rescue is now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 935754. The insurance policy is underwritten by Evolution Insurance Company Limited which is registered in Gibraltar No. 88737 with a registered office at 5/5 Crutchett's Ramp, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA. Evolution Insurance Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority.
Mr Ranjen Ghori owns 24|7 Home Rescue, as you can see in the Companies House records.
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