Halifax Home Insurance Review: Can You Take Advantage of the Discounts?

Halifax Home Insurance Review: Can You Take Advantage of the Discounts?

Good for

  • Paying lower premiums
  • Getting new-for-old cover
  • Higher Home Emergency call out reimbursement (£1,000)
  • Money towards boiler replacement with Home Emergency cover

Bad for

  • Those wanting an all-inclusive premium plan

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In This Review

Halifax Home Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

Is Halifax home insurance any good? Halifax home insurance customer ratings are not very good, but their quotes are relatively competitive and their "Ultimate" product has earned 5 star Defaqto ratings for both buildings and contents—but are they right for you? Here's what you should know before you buy a Halifax home insurance policy.

Halifax home insurance offers solid cover for your buildings and contents, with the option to add extras like Home Emergency, Legal Expenses, Pedal Cycle, Student and Accidental Damage. Their top-tier Ultimate plan include Accidental Damage and Outbuildings, plus compared to the basic Home Insurance plan.

Halifax sells two tiers of home insurance: "Home Insurance" is their basic plan and "Home Insurance Ultimate" includes higher cover limits plus a number of extras like Outbuildings Cover, Buildings Accidental Damage Cover and Contents Accidental Damage Cover. These extras can be added to their basic plan for an added cost, as well. In addition, both plans can be further enhanced by adding features like Personal Belongings Away From The Home, Students' Contents Away From Home, Pedal Cycle, Home Emergency and Legal Expense cover.

Halifax Home Insurance Key Facts

  • Two home insurance options: "Home Insurance" and "Home Insurance Ultimate"
  • Home Insurance Plans: Up to £500,000 buildings cover and £75,000 contents cover (can increase to £1,000,000 buildings and £100,000 contents for an extra premium)
  • Home Insurance Ultimate Plans: Unlimited buildings and contents cover; includes Accidental Damage and Outbuildings (for both buildings and contents)
  • Optional Extras include: Accidental Damage (optional for basic plan as already included in Ultimate), Legal Expenses, Pedal Cycle, Personal Belongings outside of the home, Student cover and Home Emergency Cover

Halifax Home Insurance Customer Complaints, Reviews and Ratings

According to Reviews.io, Halifax is rated 3.12 stars out of 5 by 300+ customers, with just 55% of respondents recommending Halifax Insurance. This rating reflects all Halifax Insurance products, so we've scoured through the reviews to learn about common complaints for their home insurance specifically. Here are some real customer complaints, many of which related to premium increases at renewal and dissatisfaction with the Home Emergency cover:

"Received my insurance renewal, great shock it has risen by 45%."

"Took out "Emergency Home Cover" in addition to my general home insurance. I made a claim because of water getting into the loft area around the chimney following high winds, heavy rain and winter storms. The policy proved to be a waste of time and over two weeks later I was still waiting for "emergency" repairs. In the end got my own contractors in to sort it. I was promised dates from Halifax that just did not materialise and had to constantly keep phoning to find out what was going on. I Would definitely not renew."

"My insurance renewal has just come through and after my first year the price has increased by an unbelievable £148.33!"

"Bought the home insurance policy two weeks ago and despite several telephone request for policy documents to be emailed to me, I still haven't received them!"

"I have emergency home cover my boiler as broke down this tea time I have tried three times to contact them on the EMERGENCY number and have been on hold for over one hour first time 40 mins the second and 13 mins the third still can not get in touch so I have no heating or hot water if I get any other tradesman my policy will be void I have to contact them first before having any work done. Help."

"Having lost my diamond from my engagement ring I am over 12 weeks into a dispute where they are only offering me just over half of what my ring is insured for. It is valued higher than what it’s insured for too, which makes the situation worse. "

In terms of features, Defato has rated one of Halifax's home insurance products ("Home Insurance Ultimate") with 5 stars out of 5 but the other product ("Home Insurance") with only 3 stars.

Halifax Home Insurance Defaqto Ratings (out of 5 stars)BuildingsContents
Home Insurance Ultimate5 stars5 stars
Home Insurance3 stars3 stars

Halifax Home Insurance Quote Comparison

According to our sample quotes, we found that Halifax Home Insurance plans are priced near the average cost of home insurance in the UK. The following chart compares sample quotes for the basic Halifax Home Insurance plan with family legal and home emergency added on to a few UK competitors with similar cover.

chart comparing Halifax home insurance premiums costs to market averages
Here's how Halifax home insurance prices recently compared to market average premiums

For this exercise, we quoted for a 35-year-old policyholder living in a mortgaged, 3-bedroom property in SN11, who had made no claims in the past 5 years. Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to individual details, so please use this data for educational purposes only as your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation. Additionally, insurance policies across different companies can be difficult to compare directly, as they can vary in terms of excess, cover amounts, etc.

FYI Halifax gives the option to choose a voluntary excess from £100 (or £50 on Ultimate plans) up to £1,000. A policy with a higher excess will cost less, because you're committing to pay more towards any valid claims. While a lower premium is certainly enticing, before signing up for a policy with a higher excess be sure you'd be equipped to pay the excess in the event of a valid claim.

Halifax Home (Buildings and Contents) Insurance Add-On Costs

Here are estimated costs of add-on extras for a mortgaged, owner-occupied, 3-bed property when you buy an Halifax buildings & contents home insurance policy. While prices depend on a number of factors and may be different for your profile, it can be useful to get a general idea of rough costs for these optional features when you're deciding what cover to buy. Home Emergency and Legal are the same price regardless of plan.

Estimated Costs of ExtrasHome InsuranceHome Insurance Utimate
Accidental Damage - Buildings£5.16Included
Accidental Damage - Contents£8.46Included
Home Emergency Cover£39.60£39.60
Personal Possessions Away From Home (£2k)£27.59£48.47
Personal Possessions Away From Home (£5k)£34.90£60.96
Personal Possessions Away From Home (£10k)£40.73£70.95
Pedal Cycle (up to £500 per bike)£17.73£25.35
Pedal Cycle (up to £1,000 per bike)£31.19£44.15

Halifax Home Cover: Features

Below is a high level summary Halifax home insurance optional coverages. Limits for each section can be found below in the Policies section. For more complete details like full exclusions, please see the policy documents.

Halifax Home Insurance FeaturesNotes
Personal Belongings (Away From Home)
  • Details
    • Cover for theft, accidental loss of or accidental damage to personal belongings like mobile phones, wallets, tablets, cameras and jewellery when you're away from home
    • Covers anywhere including outside of the British Isles for up to 60 days in a row
    • Items up to £3,000 each (items above £3,000 can be insured as Specified Items)
    • Total Personal Possessions cover between £500 and £15,000 or £25,000, depending on the policy
  • Notable Exclusions
    • Bicycles (need Pedal Cycle cover)
    • Belongings in student residence (need Student cover)
    • Theft from vehicles unless item was hidden from view in a locked boot, luggage or glove compartment and force or violence was used to gain access
Accidental Damage
  • Details
    • Accidental Damage Cover for Buildings to cover incidents like smashing a window or cracking a bathroom sink
    • Accidental Damage Cover for Contents to cover incidents like spilled wine on a sofa
  • Notable Exclusions
    • No cover when home is unoccupied (for up to 30 days or 60 days, depending on your policy) or (for contents) if it is lent, let or sublet
  • Cover by Plan
    • Home Insurance OPTIONAL EXTRA
    • Home Insurance Ultimate INCLUDED
Home Emergency Cover
  • Details
    • Cover to temporarily repair home emergencies related to electrics, plumbing, drainage, heating, roofing and security
    • Up to £1,000 per call out including labour and parts
    • If the technician deems your boiler beyond economic repair Halifax will contribute up to £500 towards the cost of a new boiler
  • Notable Exclusions
    • Heating system must have been serviced in past 24 months
    • Work arising from hard water deposits
    • Domestic appliances
    • Flat roofs and gutters
Outbuildings and In-The-Open Cover
  • Details
    • OPTIONAL EXTRA for buildings and/or contents
    • Cover to contents in outbuildings and in the open (e.g., in your garden, driveway, balcony, patio or other outside areas within the boundaries of your home)
  • Notable Exclusions
    • Damage to hedges, fences and gates due to storm
    • Bicycles, caravans, trailers, boats, windsurfers, mobility scooters, etc.
Legal Expenses
  • Details
    • Covers personal injury, contract disputes, employment disputes, clinical negligence, tax protection and property protection
    • Cover for lost salary or wages due to jury service
    • Up to £50,000 in total for any one event
Bicycle Cover (Away From Home)
  • Details
    • Protection against loss of or damage to bicycles and their accessories
    • Cover while at home or away from home, including outside of the British Isles for up to 60 days in a row
  • Notable Exclusions
    • Bicycles only covered for theft in a public place if securely locked to permanently fixed structure
Students' Contents Away From Home
  • Details
    • Protection against loss of or damage to contents in university halls of residence or rented student accommodation in the British Isles whilst when in full time further or higher education
  • Notable Exclusions
    • Theft or attempted theft only covered if there is force or violence used to gain access
    • No cover when the residence is unoccupied for 30 or 60 days, depending on policy
  • Details
  • If you have made a successful claim for an item that forms part of a set (e.g., uniform nature, colour or design) then Halifax will pay for the cost of replacing or changing any undamaged items in the set when a replacement or reasonable match for the lost/damaged item cannot be sourced.
  • Home Insurance Ultimate policies only

Halifax Home Insurance Notable Exclusions

Halifax home insurance exclusions include (but are not limited to) storm damage to fences and gates, loss or damage if you've been away for either 30 or 60 days or more (depending on your policy), frost, damp or rot damage, computer viruses, coastal or river erosion, mechanical or electrical faults, etc.

You may want to keep these exclusions in mind if you go with Halifax or as you're comparing different home insurance plans. Clearly, we've only mentioned a few exclusions here. To find others that may be more relevant to you, it's always a good idea to read through the full list of exclusions in the policy documents.

  • 1. No cover for storm damage to fences, hedges, gates or any contents left in the garden.
  • 2. Cover to contents when you are moving home is covered only if you use a professional removal firm.
  • 3. If you have Student cover, theft or attempted theft from housing while attending full time education is excluded, unless forcible and violent means are used to gain entry or exit.
  • 4. If you have Pedal Cycle cover, theft of unattended bicycles is excluded unless locked to a permanent object.
  • 5. If you have Personal Belongings cover (i.e., away from home cover), theft from a vehicle is only included if the items were hidden from view in a locked boot, glove or luggage compartment and force or violence was used to gain access—note, as far as we can tell the policy documents do not specify an inner "theft from vehicle" limit (we frequently see a £1k or £2k limit from many other insurers).
  • 6. Those who leave their homes unoccupied for more than 30 or 60 days at a time (as chosen by you when you take out a policy) won't have cover for malicious damage or vandalism, escape of or freezing of water/oil from any domestic appliance or fixed domestic water/oil installation, theft or attempted theft, trace and access, etc.

Halifax Buildings & Contents Insurance: What's Covered?

Halifax home insurance protects against calamities such as fire, flood, storm, theft, escape of water, subsidence (depending on cause) and other similar causes.

Cover benefits includeHalifax Home InsuranceHalifax Home Insurance Ultimate
Buildings Private Residence CoverUp to £500,000 (can increase)Unlimited
Trace and access£5,000£5,000
Blocked drains£1,000£1,000
Alternative accommodation£30,000£100,000
Replacement locks and keys£250Unlimited
Property owner’s liability£1,000,000£2,000,000
Outbuildings CoverOptionalIncluded as standard
Buildings Accidental Damage CoverOptionalIncluded as standard
Contents CoverUp to £75,000 is standard (can adjust up to £100,000Unlimited (except for inner limits)
High Risk Items Cover£10,000 as standard, selectable up to £30,000£10,000 as standard, selectable up to £50,000
Contents when you are moving home£20,000Unlimited
Alternative accommodation£20,000£30,000
Freezer contents£250£500
Replacement locks and keys£250Unlimited
Contents Accidental Damage CoverOptionalIncluded as standard
Personal Belongings Away From The HomeOptional (up to £15,000)Optional (up to £25,000)
Students' Contents Away From Home CoverOptional (up to £10,000)Optional (up to £10,000)
Pedal Cycle CoverOptional (up to £10,000)Optional (up to £10,000)
Replacement of Sets Covernot availableIncluded as standard
Home Emergency CoverOptionalOptional
Legal ExpensesOptional (up to £50,000)Optional (up to £50,000)


Halifax home insurance policies are underwritten by Lloyds Bank General Insurance Limited. Halifax home emergency cover is underwritten by AWP P&C SA and administered in the United Kingdom by Allianz Global Assistance. Halifax legal expenses cover is underwritten by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.
Halifax doesn't cover bicycles as standard; you'll need to buy extra Pedal Cycle cover to protect your bikes both at home and away from home. In contrast many other insurance plans cover bicycles at home through regular contents cover.
Those with children away at university can get cover with Halifax through optional Students cover, which covers your student's contents when temporarily removed from your home for up to three calendar months in the British Isles, for loss or damage including accidental damage (so long as force or violence was used to gain access).
Trees, shrubs and plants are not covered through standard Halifax contents cover, but you can get cover for loss of or damage to these items due to fire, explosion, malicious damage or vandalism, impact by a falling tree or branch, or theft/attempted theft through optional Outbuildings cover.
From time to time Halifax offers deals such as new customers benefiting from £50 cashback for combined buildings and contents policies that are held for at least 70 days (and for which the first premium has been paid). Or instead of cashback, you may be offered a different gift such as NOW TV SKY Cinema Pass, Night Away or an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet.
In the event that one piece of a matching set or suite is damaged and unable to be repaired or replaced, Halifax home insurance "Ultimate" policies will cover the full cost of replacing undamaged items in the group. For instance, if one of two matching chairs is damaged, if an exact replica can't be found then they'll replace both chairs (damaged and undamaged) so that you still have a matching set. Their basic Home Insurance policies do not cover pairs and sets.
Halifax contents cover will reimburse for loss of or damage to your contents if the damage was caused by professional removal contractors for moves within the British Isles. In addition, cover is provided while your contents are held in temporary storage by the removals firm for up to 72 hours.
In the event of a valid claim, Halifax will either repair or replace items (or pay the cost of items) on a new-for-old basis.
Mobile phones are considered High Risk Items, so you'll need to count them towards the value you're insuring. At home, mobile phones can be covered under Contents cover and Accidental Damage for Contents cover. To protect them away from home, you'll need to add Personal Belongings cover.
PCs, laptops, iPad and tablets are covered if you select the appropriate amount of cover for High Risk Items when you're taking out a policy. If you don't specify High Risk Items, your computing equipment won't be covered. High risk cover is for items worth up to £3,000 each. Any computer equipment worth more than £3,000 would need to be covered with Halifax's Specified Items cover. You may want to also consider Personal Belongings cover to protect computing equipment away from home (e.g., to protect your laptop when you're travelling with it) and/or Accidental Damage cover for contents (however, Specified Items worth over £3,000 already include accidental damage protection).
If you buy the extra home emergency cover, then emergency repairs to your boiler will be covered up to £1,000 (including VAT) and if the technician deems your boiler beyond economic repair Halifax will contribute up to £500 towards the cost of a new boiler. Your boiler needs to be maintained with a boiler service at least every 24 months, to be covered. The cost of an annual boiler service is around £73 in the UK.
Your Halifax home insurance policy may renew, depending on how you pay. According to the policy wording, Halifax will set up a recurring payment for those who pay annually by credit or debit card. If you're happy with the renewal premium and coverage (which you should get a few weeks before renewal) and you don't do anything, Halifax will continue to take payments to keep you covered. Notify Halifax if you don't want them to auto renew and take payment. There is no mention of monthly payment renewal in the policy documents.

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