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Average Boiler Service Cost UK 2021

The cost of a boiler service in the UK ranges from £45 to £120 or more, with most people paying around £73 for their annual boiler service. See how prices vary by location and by type of provider so you can spot a good deal when you see one.

Average Cost of an Annual Boiler Service

The average cost of a boiler service is £73 plus VAT in the UK. Prices vary depending on where you live and other factors. For example, an annual gas boiler service in London costs around £80, while Manchester residents pay around £70 and those in Birmingham pay around £65 for their boiler service.

Cost of Annual Boiler ServiceBoiler Service Cost, excluding VAT
Average cost of a gas boiler service for London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow

Type of Provider

For example, the average cost of a boiler service from a national provider is around £90, which is around 25% more than the average of £72 charged by local independents for a gas boiler service. Using a national service such as British Gas, Home Serve or SSE usually costs more than using a local independent service.

Cost of Annual Boiler Service, by providerBoiler Service Cost, excluding VAT
British Gas£85
Home Serve£84
Scottish Power£99
Local independents£72

British Gas charges £85 for a boiler service, while SSE charges £90, Scottish Power charges £99 and Home Serve charges £84—excluding VAT.

Average cost of a gas boiler service by provider, comparing British Gas, SSE, Home Serve, Scottish Power and local independents

Oil boiler service cost

An annual oil boiler service costs around £100—around 25% more than a gas boiler service. Oil boilers cost more to service because they are dirtier than gas boilers and require storage tanks and oil supply pipes that need to be checked for water contamination and oil leaks.

What should a boiler service include?

In short, a boiler service should include a full check of your boiler, controls, flue and ventilation to make sure there are no leaks, corrosion, damage or unsafe fumes. Your boiler service will include:

  • Inspect the boiler casing to see it’s properly sealed
  • Visual inspection for corrosion or leaks
  • Clean boiler parts inside
  • Check that all components are sealed properly
  • Check that combustion and burner pressure are within limits using a flue gas analyser (FGA) test
  • Check the ignition, heat exchange and spark electrode

The cost of the boiler service will not cover the cost to repair any issues uncovered by the inspection and service. If your boiler needs repairs, you'll need to pay extra for them. If your appliance is still under warranty, however, needed repairs may be covered.

As an alternative to paying for one-off annual boiler services, you might opt to pay for "boiler cover". This typically costs more (roughly £15 a month) and will include an annual boiler service as well as repairs, depending on the terms of your cover.

Finally, be sure that whoever comes to service your boiler is a Gas Safe engineer. You can check that your engineer is Gas Safe registered here.

Is a boiler service included in home emergency insurance?

No, boiler service is not included in home emergency insurance, whether you buy a cheap home insurance policy or an expensive one. Home emergency cover doesn't include routine maintenance. That said, many home emergency policies require that you have your boiler serviced regularly or they won't cover any emergency breakdowns.


We gathered dozens of quotes (excluding VAT) from independent and national service providers in cities around the UK to determine average costs for an annual gas boiler service for popular UK boiler brands such as:

Popular boiler models

  • Alpha
  • Baxi
  • Bosch
  • Combi
  • Glow-Worm
  • Ideal
  • Potterton
  • Vaillant
  • Viessmann
  • Worcester