Aviva Home Insurance Review: Is This the Cover You Need?

Aviva Home Insurance Review: Is This the Cover You Need?

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  • A simple website and quote process
  • Getting a No Claims Discount

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  • Those wanting cover for pairs/sets/suites

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Aviva Home Insurance offers policyholders unlimited cover for both contents and buildings, for homes up to 5 bedrooms in size. We like the simplicity of their home insurance—there's one level of cover, in most cases offering an unlimited cover limit for both buildings and contents.

In this review we breakdown the particulars of Aviva Home Insurance, to help you decide if Aviva home insurance is right for you. Finding the best home insurance for you will depend upon your individual needs and situation. There may be other home insurance plans with better features available. You may also want to read about our other top picks for best home insurance companies.

In This Review

Aviva Home Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

Aviva offers one tier of home contents insurance, with unlimited cover for both contents and buildings, for homes containing at most 5 bedrooms.

Optional Add-Ons include: Accidental Damage (buildings and/or contents), Home Emergency, Legal Services, No Claims Discount cover (buildings and/or contents), Increased Valuables, Personal Belongings (also protects when you're abroad), Bicycle cover away from home (already covered at home with Contents cover).

When we checked, the pricing worked in such as way that the price of Buildings & Contents insurance is basically the same as a Buildings Only policy. In essence, Contents cover is practically added for free onto Buildings cover. Prices for the standard policy hover around £282 for Buildings & Contents and Buildings Only, with Contents Only cover (e.g., for tenants) pricing around £107 per year.

chart showing basic Aviva home insurance quotes for Buildings and Contents insurance
How do prices of Buildings and Contents cover compare?

Aviva Home Insurance Key Facts

  • Unlimited cover limits (up to 5 bed home)
  • Like-for-Like replacement (wear and tear deduction for clothing)
  • No Claims Discount up to 5 years maximum

Aviva Home Insurance Customer Complaints, Reviews and Ratings

According to Trustpilot, Aviva is rated only 1.6 stars out of 5, which is quite poor. In fact, 82% of customers reported a "Bad" experience and only 10% an "Excellent" experience. This score primarily reflects their car insurance product, so we scoured through the reviews to learn about common complaints for home insurance in particular—which included premium increases at renewal and slow responses in Home Emergency cover situations. Here's a sample of real customer comments about Aviva home insurance:

"Our insurance claim started with Aviva back in November 2019. First, we had to deal with hour long queues to speak with Customer Services that often ended in getting cut off and eventually we get appointed a loss adjuster who is about effective as a fart in a storm. Here we are into March 2020 and still we face daily battles to make any significant progress to resolving our claim. Loss adjuster rarely return calls, reply to emails or texts. No sense of any urgency!"

"I logged a plumbing issue with my kitchen sink... over 1.5 months waiting around at home and nobody turns up and they don't bother to call you to tell you why..."

"We paid £300 last year which we thought was steep but we'd only been in our home a year at that point and were still new to insurance. We assumed this year because we'd now had almost 3 years no claims that it would be cheaper but they increased it to £410. Every other insurance company is offering us insurance for around £150 with better cover so we've switched. It's okay for people like us who are savvy on this kind of stuff but they will be leeching money from older, vulnerable people who don't realise how easy it is to switch companies."

"House flooded Friday we are coming up to Wednesday no calls back..."

"My car insurance premium has just risen by £79, my home buildings and contents also has risen by £90."

In terms of features, Aviva is considered to be top notch by Defaqto where they're received a full 5 stars out of 5 for both tiers of buildings and contents insurance.

Churchill Home Insurance Defaqto Ratings (out of 5 stars)BuildingsContents
AvivaPlus Premium5 stars5 stars
AvivaPlus Regular5 stars5 stars
Home Insurance5 stars5 stars
Home Plus5 stars4 stars
Your House5 stars4 stars
AvivaPlus Basic3 stars3 stars

In terms of formal complaints with the Financial Ombudsman, Aviva Insurance Limited received 1,016 new general insurance cases in the second half of 2019, down from 1,324 new cases in the first half of 2019.

Aviva Home Insurance Prices

We've gathered pricing data from the Aviva website to give you a general idea of Aviva home insurance quotes. For the purposes of this exercise, we quoted for a 30-year-old policyholder living in London for a home they own (either outright or mortgaged).

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to your individual details, so please just use the following data for educational purposes only; your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation. Additionally, insurance policies across different companies can be difficult to compare directly, as they can vary in terms of excess, cover amounts, etc.

Aviva Home Insurance Add-On Costs

With so many add-ons available for an extra charge, it can be useful to have an idea of the cost of these optional features.

chart showing approximate cost of home insurance add ons for aviva home insurance
How much will you pay for home insurance extras?
Aviva Home Insurance ExtrasApproximate Add-On Cost
No Claims Discount (Contents)£6
No Claims Discount (Buildings)£17
Bicycles (£1,000)£21
Bicycles (£3,000)£66
Accidental Damage (Contents - Limited)£9
Accidental Damage (Buildings - Limited)£27
Accidental Damage (Contents - Extra)£41
Accidental Damage (Buildings - Limited)£63
Personal Belongings (£2,000)£34
Personal Belongings (£5,000)£34
Personal Belongings (£10,000)£40
Additional £10,000 of Valuables£40
Home Emergency£76

Aviva Home Insurance Premiums by Excess

Aviva gives the option to choose between a number of excess amounts, between £100 and £1,000 (the standard amount is £200). How does the premium drop as the excess rises?

chart showing approximate premium for varying excess levels for aviva home insurance
How much does the excess affect your premium?

Notable Features

Here are some highlights of features available on Aviva home insurance policies. Standard features are also included on Aviva policies, limits for which can be found below in the Policies. For more complete details like inner limits and exclusions, please see the policy documents.

Aviva Home Insurance Features
Cover for Portable Items (e.g., laptops, tablets, etc.)Cover for portable items is not included under standard Accidental Damage cover, but may be purchased as an extra under Personal Belongings cover or "Extra" Accidental Damage cover
Abroad/Away From HomeWhen you buy OPTIONAL extra Personal Belongings cover, you're protected against loss, accidentally damage or theft of your personal belongings while you travel worldwide
Personal Belongings
  • OPTIONAL cover for items like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, jewellery, clothing and handbags when you're away from home (including abroad)
  • £2,000 per item limit is standard, although you can add more valuable items separately
  • theft from a vehicle is capped at £1,500 (if vehicle locked and items out of site)
Household RemovalsCovered under Contents, with up to 7 days in storage
  • Pedal cycles are automatically covered at home under Contents cover (so long as securely locked to an object that can't be moved)
  • for cover away from home, you can buy OPTIONAL extra cover (the number of bikes is irrelevant, you'll only be asked the price of your most expensive bike)
Home Emergency
  • OPTIONAL extra cover for broken boiler, loss of heating, blocked drains/toilets, leaking roof, gas/electricity failure, burst pipe or loss of house keys
  • up to £1,000 per incident
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
Accidental Damage
  • OPTIONAL extra, available in two tiers&mdash
  • Limited and Extra
  • for Buildings, Limited Accidental Damage covers service pipes and cables, window glass and sanitary fittings (e.g. baths, shower trays, sinks) while Extra Accidental Damage also covers damage to the rest of the building (e.g., putting your foot through a floor/ceiling)
  • for Contents, Limited Accidental Damage covers non-portable home entertainment equipment, mirrors and fixed furniture glass (e.g. glass coffee table) while Extra Accidental Damage also covers most contents in your home (e.g., a red wine spill on the carpet)

Aviva Buildings Insurance: What's Covered?

Aviva Buildings cover protects against calamities such as fire, explosion, flood, storm, smoke, being hit by a vehicle, water escaping from/freezing in pipes, tanks, etc., theft, subsidence, falling trees or branches, etc. Exclusions include (but are not limited to) loss or damage cost by frost, by storm to fences, gates and hedges, damage to solid floors as a result of water escaping from the home, damage that happens slowly over time, etc.

Aviva Buildings Cover Limits

BuildingsStandard Limit
Buildings sum insuredUnlimited
Loss of rent/cost of alternative accommodation£80,000 (or 20% of the buildings sum insured if higher)
Replacement locks£1,000
Tracing and accessing leaks£5,000
Emergency accessUp to Buildings sum insured
Public liability£5,000,000

Aviva Contents Insurance: What's Covered?

Aviva Contents insurance provides an unlimited amount of cover as standard, for financial protection in case of fire, storm, flood, leaks, theft, subsidence, etc.

Beware that if you move house, items like personal money, jewellery, watches, items of gold/platinum, stamps and coins are not covered for accidental damage/theft during a professional removal/storage under the standard Contents cover.

Aviva Contents Cover Limits

ContentsStandard Limit
Contents sum insuredUnlimited
Valuables (total)£10,000 (but a higher limit is available if you need it)
Valuables (single article limit)£2,000
Personal money£750
Home office equipment£5,000
Contents temporarily removed from your home£5,000
Contents in garden£1,500
Theft from garage(s)£25,000
Theft from outbuilding (s)£25,000
Garden re-landscaping£2,500 in total (Limit any one plant £250)
Replacement locks£1,000
Food in freezer£1,000
Leakage of heating fuel and metered water£2,000
Loss of rent /cost of alternative accommodation£10,000
Fatal injury benefit£5,000
Household removalsUp to contents sum insured
Emergency accessUp to contents sum insured
Extra temporary cover for Religious festivals and wedding gifts^
Occupiers and personal liability£5,000,000
Employers liability£10,000,000
Tenants liability£15,000

Note: Valuables include jewellery, watches, gold/silver/other precious metal items, stamp/coin/medal collections, pictures and other works of art. Extra temporary cover for Religious festivals and wedding gifts only applies if you don’t qualify for an ‘Unlimited’ overall contents sum insured.

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