How Much is Contents Insurance? Average Costs Revealed

Contents insurance reimburses you for the loss of or damage to your possessions due to theft, fire, water, etc. A contents insurance policy can provide tens of thousands of pounds worth of financial protection, but how much will you pay for this cover? We've researched quotes from a dozen popular UK contents insurance providers to find the average cost of a contents insurance policy. Use this information to gain a better understanding of contents insurances premiums and to help you decide which type of policy is best for you.

Average Cost of UK Contents Insurance

Contents insurance premiums vary by a number of factors, most significantly the amount of cover and the excess (the amount you pay towards any claim). According to our analysis, the average cost of a £50,000 policy with a £200 excess is £109. It should be the case that higher policy limits would garner higher premiums and higher excesses would garner lower premiums.

chart showing how UK contents insurance premiums change according to excess and contents limits
Contents Insurance Premiums Vary with Excess and Limit

While these "rules" (that is, higher coverage limits and lower excesses should equate to higher premiums) generally hold true when pricing policies across a single insurer, the rules break down a bit when comparing data from many insurers. Given some insurers are more expensive than others, and not all insurers offer customizable policies, enabling you to pick and choose the excess and policy limits as you like, the data becomes a bit skewed as a result. However, the information below can still be useful to give an idea of what contents insurance policies in the UK cost on average.

Average Annual Premium Costs for Contents Insurance

Excess£50,000 Limit£75,000 Limit£100,000 LimitAverage

Average Costs of Contents Insurance Extras

Where possible, we have gathered quotes for common contents insurance add-ons, such as bikes, no claims discounts, legal cover, home emergency cover (for home owners, really) and accidental damage. Costs do vary quite significantly from insurer to insurer, especially for bike cover, so it pays to read policy wording before you buy. (Note: Some insurers include bikes as part of standard cover, up to a limit.)

chart showing Annual Cost of Contents Insurance Extras
Annual Cost of Contents Insurance Extras

In addition to buying contents insurance, you can help protect your home with these top tips to help protect your home from burglaries, especially important over the holiday season when burglary rates soar.


We gathered quotes in November 2017 for contents-only insurance policies from the following UK insurers: Admiral, Aviva, Churchill, Direct Line, First Direct, Halifax, Hiscox, John Lewis Finance, LV=, More Than, Post Office, Tesco. Where possible, policies were quoted for a single, 30-year-old male living in central London with his partner, in a 2-bed, 1-bath upper-floor, 1960's, privately-rented flat, with no claims history for at least 5 years.

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