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7 tips to make your home feel "beachy" when you can't escape to the sun

Are you unable to get away for a holiday this summer? Whether you're staying put for budget, scheduling or other reasons, you can instead turn your house into a holiday home with these 10 home decorating tips.

1. White Washed Table

Adding just one piece of white washed wood furniture, such as a table, can bring an instant "beachy" feel to your interior—white washed furniture is a hallmark of summer beach houses.

There are two ways to white wash wood: either dilute white paint with water at a ratio of around 1:1 then brush on or dry brush a small amount of undiluted paint onto the surface. With either method you may need to rub with a cloth as you go to remove brush strokes and achieve the right amount of white washing. As the white washing effect is achieved by a thin layer of paint that allows the grain to show through, it only works on untreated wood. Any furniture that already has a layer of lacquer, paint, etc. will need to be stripped and cleaned first.

2. Colour Scheme

A peaceful, modern take on a beach house incorporates lots of white and soft, sandy colours. Blue and green accessories like throws, pillows, lamps or wall art can further amp up the "beach house" feel—think of the vivid blue on a typical Greek seaside home, sea foam green or a soft, pale blue.

3. Big, Tropical Plants

Nothing says tropical like a large, leafy plant. Other than a bright room, most are quite low maintenance. A few good options are Fatsia Japonica, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera deliciosa, palm and bamboo.

4. Sand Bowls

A quick search on Pinterest will reveal an interesting trend: "sand bowls". Made out of sand and glue, those inclined to do crafts can make an interesting, homemade centerpiece which lends a beachy feel to your home.

5. Hurricane Lamps Inside

While hurricane lamps are typically used outdoors to protect candles from the wind, cluster a few inside in a corner of the room or center stay on a tray on your coffee table to remind you of warm, breezy evenings.

6. Play List

What music do you associate with a holiday? Whether it's Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, or summer-themed songs such as Summertime, Summer of '69, Summer Breeze, Hot in Here, California Gurls or Escape (The Piña Colada Song), make a play list of songs that take you away. Play it when you're making your signature summer cocktail (see below).

7. Personalised Tropical Cocktail Menu

Personalised drinks aren't just for weddings. Create a cocktail menu for your next gathering bursting with a tropical touch, featuring a few aptly named concoctions (e.g., Sarah's Sundowner, the Clapham Colada, etc.). Print off the menu in a festive font and place it in a white frame for guests to peruse.

Erin Yurday

Erin Yurday is the Founder and Editor of NimbleFins. Prior to NimbleFins, she worked as an investment professional and as the finance expert in Stanford University's Graduate School of Business case writing team. Read more on LinkedIn.