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UK Energy Supplier Complaints 2022

What are energy supplier complaints? They're essentially any contact from a customer who is not satisfied with any part of their service, from hard-to-understand bills to switching issues to technicians not arriving in a timely manner for a home visit. We've researched the market to learn which energy suppliers get the least and most complaints, as well as which complaints are most common.

Energy Supplier Complaints

In the most recent quarter (Q3 2021), energy supply companies averaged 108 complaints per 10,000 customers. However, the rate of complaints is quite different depending on the size of the supplier. The large suppliers (Octopus, Eon, British Gas, Bulb, EDF energy, Scottish Power, and OVO) have the highest complaints rates, with 154 complaints per 10,000 customer accounts in Q3 2021. The sweet spot seems to be medium-sized companies, which had only 79 complaints per 10,000 customers during the same time period.

Average Energy Company Complaints

Average Energy Supplier Complaints, by sizeComplaints resolved by next working day (%)Complaints received per 10,000 accounts
Average complaints rate108

Another important metric is how quickly complaints are resolved. Generally speaking, just over half of complaints are resolved by energy company by the next working day. For this metric, at first glance it seems that the larger the company, they better they are at resolving complaints by the next day. But perhaps it's just that customers of large companies have more of the small problems that can be resolved by the next day—that theory is supported by the data which shows that customers of large companies simply have more complaints!

Chart comparing UK energy supplier complaints by supplier size

Best and Worst Complaints Rates

The level of service varies quite dramatically from company to company, with the worst energy suppliers having complaints rates 110X that of the best energy suppliers. For example, Zebra Energy, Green Energy UK and Foxglove had the lowest complaints rates in Q3 2021, each with under 10 complaints per 10,000 customers. At the other end of the spectrum, OVO (owner of SSE Energy) and Together Energy had complaints rates over 310 per 10,000.

Energy Company Complaint Rates, by company

Rank (1 = least complaints)CategorySizeComplaints received per 100,000 accounts Q3 2021
1Zebra PowerSmall3
2Green Energy UKSmall6
4Zog EnergySmall13
5Entice EnergySmall15
6Octopus EnergyLarge20
7Utility WarehouseMedium50
11So EnergySmall83
12Good EnergySmall111
14Shell EnergyMedium131
15British GasLarge140
17EDF energyLarge167
18Scottish PowerLarge176
19Orbit EnergySmall228
21Together EnergySmall331

Best and Worst Complaints Resolutions

How quickly do energy companies resolve customer complaints? Many issues are simple to fix—perhaps a question about a bill or meter reading—and should be taken care of with a simple call to customer services.

The large supplier with the worst resolution rate in Q3 2021 was Scottish Power, which only resolved 52% of customer complaints by the next working day. The large supplier with the best resolution rate was OVO, with a 75% next-day resolution rate.

Keep in mind that even when a high proportion of customers have an issue, if problems appear to be resolved quickly they may be something to worry about. And many quickly-resolved issues relate to set up.

Energy Company Complaint Rates, by company

Rank (1 = least complaints)Energy CompanySizeComplaints resolved by next working day (%)
2Utility WarehouseMedium74%
3Good EnergySmall70%
5British GasLarge64%
9Octopus EnergyLarge60%
10Zog EnergySmall60%
11EDF energyLarge57%
13Scottish PowerLarge52%
14Together EnergySmall50%
15Shell EnergyMedium42%
16Orbit EnergySmall41%
17Entice EnergySmall39%
18Zebra PowerSmall38%
19So EnergySmall35%
20ESB EnergySmall21%
21Green Energy UKSmall17%

Top 5 Complaints

What are the most common complaints people have with their energy supplier? We took a look at the top 5 most common complaints from the Big Six energy suppliers to see what goes wrong for customers most often. The top 5 most complaints at the end of 2019 from the Big Six providers were:

  • Billing and meter readings: This metric captures how easy or difficult it is for customers to understand their bills (e.g., layout and content of the bill, amount outstanding, etc.).
  • Metering: Metering complaints can arise when a technician is late or unable to attend a home visit appointments to read or change a meter (e.g., install a smart meter), whether due to bad weather, road traffic delays; or if they don't have the right equipment to finish a job.
  • Payments: Payment complaints can relate to direct debit or prepayment meter payment queries, such as the size of the bill, the method of payment, a change in consumption or personal circumstances, or following a price change.
  • Customer Service: This metric captures customer service experiences when speaking with call centre agents about services and products.
  • Change of Supplier: Complaints related to setting up new accounts, for instance when a customer switches provider.

The most common gas and electricity supplier complaints vary from company to company, however. Energy suppliers are supposed to list their top 5 complaints on their websites for customers to see. While not all companies do this, the Big Six do—here are the top 5 complaints for the Big Six energy providers so you can compare:

Top 5 Complaints (Q3 2021)British GasEDFE.ONOVOScottish Power
Metering (Inc Prepayment)21%13%11%14%
Payments/Direct Debits19%17%30.5%15%30%
Credit Management7%
Customer Service9%11%24%29%
Change of Supplier/Switching6%11%
Customer Establishment1%

How to complain about your energy supplier

To make a complaints about your energy supplier, call, email or go to their website to find an online complaints form. Below we've listed complaints numbers and email addresses for dozens of popular UK energy suppliers, listed by alphabetical order:

Energy Supplier Customer ComplaintsContact NumbersEmail
Avro Energy0330 058 2005[email protected]
Bristol Energy0808 281 2222[email protected]
British Gas3332029532[email protected]
Bulb0300 303 0635[email protected]
Daligas0800 111 4568[email protected]
E0333 103 9575[email protected]
Ecotricity0345 555 7 100[email protected]
EDF Energy0333 200 5100[email protected]
ENGIE0800 170 1112[email protected]
ENSTROGA1158572572[email protected]
Entice Energy0330 403 0040[email protected]
Eon0345 052 0000
ESB Energy0345 60 70 372[email protected]
Foxglove Energy0800 017 9896[email protected]
GnERGY01252 494141[email protected]
Go Effortless Energy03333 444109
Good Energy0800 254 0000[email protected]
Green Energy UK01920 486156[email protected]
Green Network Energy0800 520 0202[email protected]
Green Star Energy0800 012 4510[email protected]
Gulf Gas & Power UK0800 830 3670
Igloo Energy0333 405 5555[email protected]
iSupply Energy0330 202 0298[email protected]
Nabuh Energy0330 0414 902[email protected]
nPower0800 316 9328[email protected]
Octopus Energy0808 164 1088[email protected]
Orbit Energy0333 103 8277[email protected]
Ovo3303035063[email protected]
PFP Energy01772 395777
Pure Planet
Robin Hood Energy0800 030 4567[email protected]
Scottish Power0800 027 0072[email protected]
Shell Energy0330 094 5800[email protected]
So Energy0330 111 5050[email protected]
SSE0345 026 2658[email protected]
Together Energy3331501699[email protected]
Tonik Energy0333 344 2686[email protected]
Utilita0345 2072 000[email protected]
Utility Point03455 57 78 78[email protected]
Utility Warehouse0333 777 0 777
Yorkshire Energy1134510700[email protected]
Zebra Energy0161 498 8100[email protected]
Zog Energy[email protected]

If you have complained to your energy supplier and you're unhappy with their decision or you haven't been given a decision in 8 weeks, you can make a formal complaint to the energy ombudsman.

Additionally, you can contact Citizens Advice at any point in the complaints process—they have lots of information on their website and even have a helpline you can call for assistance (08082231133).