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‘Climate change’ pushing up home insurance cost – even if you don’t make a claim

Climate change could be increasing the cost of home insurance.

As storm season gets underway, experts have warned an increase in weather-related claims is pushing up the price of home insurance, even if you haven't made a claim.

Home insurance has shot up more than 25% in a year, NimbleFins previously reported.

The average cost of home insurance for both buildings and contents cover is now £294 according to separate NimbleFins research.

Last year UK insurers paid out £2.9 billion for "unexpected events" such as storm damage, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

And around the world about $135bn (£111bn) is spent by insurers on remedying natural catastrophe events, John Neal, chief executive of insurance marketplace Lloyd's of London, said. He predicts this will double within the next decade.

Mr Neal said insurance firms were spreading the cost of extreme weather events across all home insurance policyholders.

He told the Telegraph: “With the impact of climate change, insurers face an increased cost of natural catastrophe-related disasters.

“If the cost goes up, then premiums will go up.

"If you’re in an area much more exposed to flooding you’re likely to be paying a greater premium… but everyone is paying a bit.”

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While storm damage to a roof or walls or a flooded home may be the first thing you think of when it comes to weather-related claims, it’s not just the rain and wind that causes home insurance claims.

Last year’s record temperatures saw a spike in home insurance claims for subsidence, as dry earth shrinks causing foundations to drop, particularly in clay-rich soils.

Halifax Home Insurance saw subsidence claims triple in August and September last year, and an overall rise in claims of 45% throughout the year.

David Joyson, chief customer officer at insurer Homeprotect previously told the Guardian: "If your area has more properties prone to these issues, your home can be seen as more of a risk to insure, so even if you haven’t been directly affected, your premium will likely be higher."

How to reduce cost of home insurance

NimbleFins has put together a guide with eight ways to save money on your home insurance.

Tips include comparing quotes, paying annually rather than monthly, increasing the excess and not over-insuring.

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