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Hilarious home insurance claims from party hosts revealed - and why you might want accidental damage cover!

Some of the funniest home insurance claims from raucous parties have been revealed by Aviva.

As Britons wind down from their Eurovision parties, spare a thought for one host who saw a guest get so excited about the song contest they sent their margarita flying straight into a nearby laptop.

In another case of misguided enthusiasm, a customer held a karaoke night at home only for his animated grandson to swing a microphone into the TV and crack the screen during his performance.

Busting out some vigorous moves has caused several televisions to be damaged, as dancers young and old have crashed into the sets, Aviva said.

Meanwhile, one 'helpful' party guest fell over carrying a dish of curry at their friend's house, with some even falling into their guitar, ruining the instrument.

Aviva has had claims after a drink was spilt into an amplifier, and an electric piano cracked in half after it was sat on.

One hysterical guest laughed so hard at her friend spilling her wine onto a rug, she dropped her own glass as well.

Kelly Whittington, Aviva’s director of property claims said: "We've seen from our claims experience that people can sometimes get lost in music.

“Accidental damage cover – an optional extra on home insurance – can often help if the worst happens. But prevention is the best course of action, so douze points to those who get ready by preparing their homes in advance!”

Home insurance - accidental damage

NimbleFins previously reported one in five home insurance claims was for accidental damage.

Accidental damage is usually an add-on to a standard contents insurance plan but with so many claims made, it could be a useful addition.

Our previous research found it was about £22 more a year to add accidental damage to a policy. You can see a breakdown of the cost of additional contents insurance extras here.

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