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Best car and home insurance providers named in new Top 10 – where does yours rank?

The best car and home insurance providers for customer service have been revealed in a new study.

Consumer Intelligence has ranked the top 10 insurers for both motor and home cover after surveying more than 48,000 customers.

Its Insurance Behaviour Tracker showed the average scores for motor insurance only dipped marginally in 2024 despite the cost of car insurance rising dramatically over the last 12 months.

But with the Financial Conduct Authority stepping up to ban the sale of GAP insurance, providers are being pushed to offer fairer policies which is driving consumer satisfaction, Consumer Intelligence says.

Home insurance satisfaction has dipped slightly with the average rating in the top 10 coming out at 8.2, down from 8.4 the year before. This may be due to the increasing price of home insurance, sparked by bad weather.

Aviva beat the likes of Direct Line and NFU Mutual to be crowned the best car insurance provider, although only ranks fourth in separate research by NimbleFins.

Ageas took the title for the best home insurance provider for customer service in the Consumer Intelligence report.

Top 10 motor insurance providers for customer service

  1. Aviva
  2. AXA
  3. Dial Direct
  4. Direct Line
  5. LV=
  6. NFU Mutual
  7. QuoteMeHappy
  8. Saga
  9. Sheilas' Wheels
  10. Tesco

Top 10 home insurance providers for customer service

  1. Ageas
  2. Churchill
  3. Direct Line
  4. John Lewis
  5. Lloyds Bank
  6. LV=
  7. Nationwide
  8. Saga
  9. Sainsbury's
  10. Tesco

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The rankings are slightly different to NimbleFins research which looked at TrustPilot and Fairer Finance customer satisfaction scores, as well as our own analysis markers, for each provider.

For car insurance, LV= comes out on top in NimbleFins research, but only fifth for Consumer Intelligence. Aviva is the best for customer service according to Consumer Intelligence, but only ranks fourth in our research which uses more than 500,000 reviews.

When it comes to the best home insurance, Aviva, which comes joint third with Tesco in our research, doesn't rank at all in the Consumer Intelligence chart.

Meanwhile Ageas, which tops the Consumer Intelligence table doesn't feature in our list of the top home insurers.

Erin Yurday, CEO and co-founder of NimbleFins explained why: “Every ranking and survey addresses different aspects of the product and customer experience. We really like this research from Customer Intelligence but it does show contrasting results to our own research which uses scores from TrustPilot and Fair Finance as well as our own analysis of the features included in provider policies.

“This shows the importance of looking at more than one source of information when deciding which provider is best for your needs.”

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Revealing its chart winners, Consumer Intelligence said: "In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK general insurance market, it is difficult for insurers to stay on top. There’s always new technology, evolving customer needs, and obstacles that mean that only the best insurers are a step ahead.

"By developing new products that better suit customer needs and listening to customer demands, these insurers have been at the forefront of customer satisfaction for the last year."

Consumer Intelligence’s insight analyst, Kalle Myllarniemi said climate change may be behind why satisfaction ratings have dropped for home insurance.

He said: “These decreases may be linked to the recent surge in home insurance prices stemming from more extreme weather events recently, and the increased damage caused by storms, leading to higher numbers of claims and higher costs of claims, which linked with the increased number of lower-cover products, may have led to reduced average satisfaction levels among consumers.”

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