Amazon Credit Card: How Much Can You Earn on Your Amazon Spending?

Amazon Credit Card: How Much Can You Earn on Your Amazon Spending?

A way for frequent Amazon shoppers to earn rewards on their purchases.

Good for

  • Earning Amazon rewards
  • Earning a welcome bonus

Bad for

  • Carrying a balance, due to higher-than-average interest rates

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Note: New applications are not currently being accepted for the Amazon Mastercard.

The Amazon Platinum Mastercard can be an asset in the wallet of those who shop at Amazon frequently—especially Prime members who earn double rewards on Amazon purchases. Read our review to find out how much you can earn in Amazon gift cards to help you compare this card against other UK rewards credit cards.

Amazon Platinum Credit Card Review

The Amazon Platinum Credit Card can be a great cashback rewards credit card for some people—especially if you're frequent shopper. How do the rewards stack up?

Amazon Platinum Rewards Points

Cardholders earn Amazon Reward Points when they spend at and elsewhere, with higher rewards for Amazon spending.

(Unfortunately, they used to give double rewards on Amazon spending for Prime members, but they seem to have gotten rid of that perk.)

Amazon Platinum Rewards Points Spend1.5 Amazon Reward Points/£2 spent
Other Spend0.5 Amazon Reward Point/£2 spent

How much are Amazon Rewards Points worth?

Each Amazon Reward Point is worth £0.01 (1 pence). Using this value, cardholders earn a rewards rate of 0.75% on Amazon spending and 0.25% on non-Amazon spend.

Amazon Platinum Rewards Rates Spend0.75%
Other Spend0.25%

How do you get Amazon Rewards?

Every time your account reaches 1,000 points, a £10 gift card is automatically loaded to your account electronically. This occurs within 2 working days of your next statement, so you shouldn't ever have to wait more than a month to get the gift card.

Customer Reviews of Amazon PLatinum

While the Amazon Platinum card has earned 4.0 out of 5 stars (on Amazon) and 42% of cardholders rate the product with a 5-star review, it's worth looking through the positive and negative comments to learn from existing customer experiences. Here is a curated selection of real customer reviews from Amazon:

Positive Reviews

"I've had no problems with this card at all; I am surprised at how many negative reviews it seems to have garnered."

"I just got my first £10 gift card automatically added to my account as I hit my maximum points, so that was a nice bonus. All in all highly recommended and their customer services are great on the phone too."

"The website and the app are easy to use, I get email notifications of when my statement is ready, I've set up alerts when I approach my upper limit, when I've got 14 days left to make a payment, and alerts if you spend over a certain amount a month that you determine the amount. "

Negative Reviews

"Credit is a bit low compared to other credit cards but its good to have beside my amazon account."

"Amazon themselves had activated my card without approval and altered my Amazon account setting up the Newday card as my default payment without my permission."

"The worst customer service of any card I have had, it is almost impossible to speak to a customer service person you always end up listening to nothing until you give up will not use this card again."

Amazon Platinum Benefits & Features

Amazon Platinum Credit Card Features
  • Earn 1.5 Amazon Reward Points per £2 spent at
  • Earn 0.5 Amazon Reward Point per £2 spent everywhere else
Welcome bonus£20 Gift Card for new cardholders
Purchases Promotion3 months 0% on purchases
Eligibility checkerTo see your odds of being accepted
Annual Fee£0
APR (variable)21.9% on purchases


No, the Amazon credit card does not charge an annual fee.
Yes, the Amazon credit card charges a 2.75% foreign transaction fee. And cash advances or withdrawals are charged at 3% (minimum £3 per transaction). If you don't want to pay an FX fee on holiday abroad, see our list of Best UK Credit Cards for Travel.

Amazon Credit Card Rewards: How Does it Work?

Every time you spend with the Amazon credit card, you accumulate Amazon Reward Points. For the general public, points are earned at a rate of 1.5 points/£2 spent at and 0.5 point/£2 spent elsewhere. Each Amazon Rewards Point is worth £0.01 (1 pence), translating into a rewards rate of .75% on Amazon spend and 0.25% on other spending.

Each time you reach 1,000 Amazon Reward Points, you'll receive an gift card worth £10. The gift card will be automatically loaded to your Amazon account, and will appear within 2 business days of your next statement.

Instant Spend

As it can take some time for a new credit card to arrive in the post, Amazon offers Instant Spend to approved cardholders. With Instant Spend, you're able to spend up to £500 before your card arrives. Your card details are loaded to your account and the card is set as your default payment method, so any new Amazon purchases will appear on your Amazon credit card account.

You'll have to wait until you get the physical card in the post before using the account for purchases outside of Amazon.

Potential Rewards

The rewards rate is 0.75% on spend (double that for eligible Prime members) and 0.25% on other spending, but what do these rewards rates mean in real pound terms? It depends on how much you spend, and where you spend. The following table shows rewards for various types of spending.

SpendingValue of Rewards£100£0.75

At 21.9% (variable), the purchases APR on the Amazon credit card is a bit higher than average for store-branded cards. As with all rewards cards, it is crucial to pay back the entire outstanding balance each month. If you carry over a balance from month to month or pay late, interest charges and late fees will quickly wipe out any potential rewards you might earn with the card.

How Does the Amazon Credit Card Compare to Other Credit Cards?

To better understand the value of the Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card you need to look at it relative to other available options. We’ve compared this card to other rewards cards so you can see which has more potential value for you.

Amazon Platinum Card vs Amex Platinum Cashback Everyday Card

The Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card by American Express is a solid no-fee cashback credit card for everyday shopping. The card also offers a fabulous initial 5% cashback. Maximize this benefit by charging £2,000 on your card in the first three months, earning a max of £100 cashback. After the initial three-month period, cashback drops down to 0.5% until £5,000 of spend, then 1% beyond that.

Quick Takeaway: The free Platinum Cashback Everyday card has the potential to earn higher rewards on general spending—once you pass £5,000 of spending to bump up to the 1% rewards rate. The Amazon card will earn Prime members the most of their Amazon purchases, however.

Amazon Platinum Card vs The Partnership Card

The John Lewis Waitrose Partnership Card is a really nice store-branded rewards cards with solid rewards and an easy rewards system where vouchers are sent to cardholders three times a year. The ongoing rewards rate is 1% or more on in-store (John Lewis and Waitrose) shopping and 0.5% elsewhere, so it's good for general spending. The card offers a 0% purchases period of 6 months.

Quick Takeaway: The Partnership Card will earn higher rewards on John Lewis and Waitrose spending (1% vs. 0.5% using the Amazon card), but lower rewards on an Amazon spend (0.5% vs. either 0.75% or 1.5% using the Amazon card). Where do you spend more money—at John Lewis and Waitrose or at Amazon?

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.