Platinum Cashback Credit Card by American Express

Platinum Cashback Credit Card by American Express

One of our favourite cashback credit cards for all everyday spending for those with a strong credit rating

Good for

  • Earning higher-than-average cashback rewards
  • Paying a low annual fee
  • Getting extra cashback in the first 3 months

Bad for

  • Those wanting only one credit card in their wallet (Amex not accepted everywhere)
  • Those who don't want to pay fees when using abroad

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The Platinum Cashback Credit Card from American Express is perhaps our favourite all-around cashback card on the market, especially for those spending more than £10,000 a year on their card. The card offers strong cashback rewards on all purchases, making it valuable for day-to-day purchases. Users earn a market-leading 5% for the first three months (up to £125 cashback on a maximum £2,500 of purchases) and between 1% and 1.25% after this initial period. Only on some airline reward or hotel rewards cards do you really have the potential to earn higher rewards, but they take active management and don’t suit all consumers.

Platinum Cashback by American Express Credit Card Review

The Platinum Cashback Credit Card from American Express is a great everyday cashback card. The (whopping) introductory 5% cashback offer is the best we’ve seen. Beyond that, the ongoing cashback rewards rates of 1% to 1.25% on all purchases are also hard to beat, as you can see in the following chart of best cashback cards. (Note: the 5% introductory rate is not available if you’ve had another Amex cashback card in the last 6 months.)

A chart comparing the estimated cashback rewards over 2 years for the best UK cashback credit cards, based on average UK household spending
Estimated Cashback Rewards over 2 Years

Amex cashback is one of the easiest rewards redemption systems out there. Cashback rewards appear once a year as a statement credit, on the month after a cardholder’s anniversary date. Users looking to redeem their card rewards monthly instead of annually should look elsewhere, such as the Nectar program using another card from American Express, the Nectar Card. Those anticipating spending less than £10,000 will earn more on the Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card, since it has no annual fee.

Annual SpendingWhich is the Best Amex Platinum Cashback Card for Me?
Spend < £10,000 a yearPlatinum Cashback Everyday card (no annual fee)
Spend > £10,000 a yearPlatinum Cashback card (£25/year)

The Amex cashback cards are recommended ONLY for people who can pay off their balance on time and in full every month. The relatively high purchase interest rate of 22.9% would quickly wipe out any rewards, and then some. Plus, missing two consecutive payments means forfeiting all accumulated rewards. The American Express cashback cards aren’t great for use abroad, as they charge a 2.99% non-Sterling fee. Frequent travellers will need another no-foreign-transaction-fee card in their wallet, such as the Barclaycard Platinum Travel Credit Card.

The following chart illustrates estimated rewards over the first two years for a selection of cashback cards, for average UK household spend of around £22,000 per year.

A chart comparing the estimated cashback rewards over 2 years for the best UK cashback credit cards, based on average UK household spending
Estimated Cashback Rewards over 2 Years

Bottom Line: The Platinum Cashback Credit Card by American Express is a great all-around cashback option with a large early bonus for consumers who want a simple rewards program AND who can pay off their balance every month.

Platinum Cashback Credit Card Features

Platinum Cashback Features
Earning Cashback Rewards
  • 5% cashback on purchases in the first 3 months, up to £125 cashback
  • 1% cashback for the first £10,000 of purchases
  • 1.25% cashback on purchases beyond £10,001, except 0.5% at warehouse retailers (i.e., Costco
Eligibility checkerTo see your odds of being accepted before you apply
Annual Fee£25
APR (variable)22.9% on purchases

American Express Platinum Cashback: How Does it Work?

American Express cashback is delivered in the form of credits that will appear on your statement once a year, on the month after your anniversary date. If you prefer gift cards to statement credits, you may be able to redeem rewards in the form of vouchers/gift cards to American Express’s retail partners (e.g., House of Fraser, Boots, Homebase, PC World, Waterstones, etc.). Beware that you will forfeit all accumulated cashback rewards if you miss two consecutive monthly payments.

Cashback is not earned on balance transfers, cash advances, American Express Travellers' Cheques, FX transactions, interest, any spending in excess of the credit limit or any charges.

How Does the Platinum Cashback Credit Card Compare to Other Credit Cards?

To better understand the value of the Platinum Cashback credit card you need to compare it to other available options. We’ve compared this card to other rewards cards so you can see which is better suited to your shopping habits.

Platinum Cashback Card vs Platinum Cashback Everyday Card

The Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card by American Express is a solid no-fee cashback credit card for everyday shopping. The card also offers a fabulous initial 5% cashback. Maximize this benefit by charging £2,000 on your card in the first three months, earning a max of £100 cashback. After the initial three-month period, cashback drops down to 0.5% until £5,000 of spend, then 1% beyond that.

While the cashback rate is slightly lower for the Platinum Cashback Everyday card, the lack of annual fee means the effective overall rewards rate is very similar to the £25/year Platinum Cashback card. Consumers who may not hit the minimum purchase requirement to receive any cashback of £3,000 per year are definitely better off with the no-fee Platinum Cashback Everyday card. Users who will exceed £10,000 of spending a year will extract more value from the Platinum Cashback Credit Card.

Quick Takeaway: Generally speaking, the free Platinum Cashback Everyday card is best for cardholders who spend less than £10,000 a year; the £25/year Platinum Cashback card is best for those spending more than £10,000 a year.

Platinum Cashback Card vs Costco TrueEarnings Credit Card

The Costco TrueEarnings credit card, also by American Express, offers frequent diners and travelers a great value creation opportunity. There is no other card on the market that delivers 3% rewards on restaurant dining. Cardholders earn a further 2% on travel bookings and 1% on all other spending, making it good for everyday use. Rewards are delivered via a paper Costco voucher at the end of each year with the card, which may not suit everyone. Additionally, while the TrueEarnings card carries no annual fee, cardholders must maintain a Costco membership and have their photo on file at their local Costco.

Quick Takeaway: Those who frequently dine in restaurants and make travel bookings may very well earn higher rewards with the Costco TrueEarnings cards, due to higher rewards rates in these categories. Both cards are quite rewarding overall. Consider whether you'd prefer rewards as statement credits (Platinum Cashback card) or Costco vouchers (Costco TrueEarnings card).

Platinum Cashback Card vs Preferred Rewards Gold Card

The Preferred Rewards Gold Card is probably American Express's most rewarding charge card. The first year creates noticeably more value, due to a 20,000 Membership Rewards welcome bonus and a waived annual fee. In subsequent years, an annual bonus, 2X points on flights and 3X points on American Express travel can keep rewards very competitive. The average UK household, however, will only earn around 0.65% on this card. Higher levels of spend, especially on flights or Amex travel, are required to make the £140 annual fee worthwhile. As a charge card, the full balance must be paid back every month.

Quick Takeaway: If you're looking for a card for average levels of spend, the Platinum Cashback card is simpler and more rewarding. Those spending thousands a year on flights (any airline) and/or travel bookings through American Express Travel can create more value on the Preferred Rewards Gold Card, due to higher rewards in these categories.

Platinum Cashback Card vs Partnership Card

The Partnership Card is one of the highest-earning Mastercards in the UK, especially for those who shop at John Lewis and Waitrose. Expect to earn 1% on John Lewis/Waitrose shopping and 0.5% elsewhere. Rewards are distributed three times a year as vouchers to use in store at John Lewis or Waitrose, as you see fit.

Quick Takeaway: The Partnership Card has the benefit that rewards are distributed more frequently and, as a Mastercard, it is accepted nearly everywhere. Plus it's a free card.

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