Halifax Credit Cards

We've analysed the Halifax credit cards in the UK, picking our four favourites based on features like purchases, balance transfers and travel spending. See our reviews to discover which might best suit your needs.

Credit Cards

Best Halifax Card for Overseas Travel: Halifax Clarity Credit Card

Consider this if you want a card to use abroad.

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card can be a great card for using abroad since you can use it overseas without paying a fee on foreign transactions. This applies to both purchases (e.g., at a restaurant) or ATM withdrawals. Although be aware that some ATMs will charge their own fee for use of the machine, not related to Halifax. While ATM withdrawals won't incur a fee from Halifax, they will be charged interest, however. Interest charges on cash transactions start accruing immediately, so you can limit this cost by going online to pay back any ATM withdrawals as soon as possible. The 18.9% variable interest rate on cash withdrawals is quite a bit lower than average, making it a solid travel card.

  • No fees on non-sterling ATM withdrawals or transactions abroad
  • Lower-than-average 18.9% interest rate on cash withdrawals (variable)
  • No interest grace period on ATM withdrawals

Best Halifax Balance Transfer Deals

Halifax offers some of the most competitive balance transfer and purchase promotions in the UK. Below we highlight those which offer the most value, in our opinion. Keep in mind that Halifax's balance transfer cards, like many on the market, may offer you a shorter no-interest period, depending on your individual situation.

Best Halifax Balance Transfer Deals: Halifax 0% Fee for up to 25 months

Consider this if you want a balance transfer for no fee.

This Halifax Credit Card "0% Balance Transfer Fee Offer is one of the best no-fee balance transfer deals on the market, owing to its relatively long 25 months (max) of 0% interest on transferred balances. If you don't want to pay a fee to transfer a balance, this may be a great card. New purchases also benefit from 3 months without interest on purchases. As is common with many balance transfer cards, applicants with a weaker credit history may get a shorter 0% interest balance transfer period. In either case, there is no fee when you initially transfer the balance. This offer applies to balance transferred in the first 90 days.

  • No initial balance transfer fee (then 3%)
  • One of the longest no-fee balance transfer offers
  • You may get a shorter 0% promotional period

Best Halifax Balance Transfer Deals: Halifax 30-Month Balance Transfer

Consider this if you want a longer balance transfer.

We also quite like the features of Halifax's 30-Month balance transfer offer, for those who want a slightly longer 0% promotional period with no interest on transferred balances. The initial balance transfer fee is a competitive 1.2% and the card comes with another perk: 0% on purchases for up to 12 months (longer than competing balance transfer cards). Transfers must be made within 90 days of the account opening to get the promotional offer. This card can be an efficient way to handle both existing debt and upcoming purchases.

  • One of the longest no-fee balance transfer offers
  • You may get a shorter 0% promotional period

Best Halifax Card for Purchases: Halifax 6-Month Purchase Card

Consider this if you don't want to pay interest on purchases.

The Halifax Purchases Credit Card sports one of the longest 0% purchases offers, with a promotional period up to 30 months without interest on purchases, ideal for those needing as long as possible to spread out the cost of any upcoming purchases. An offer of up to 30 months of waived interest is a market leading offer, however those with weaker credit files may only receive a shorter no-interest promotional period. Halifax does offer an eligibility checker to see your odds of being accepted, which we recommend using. If you want a card that guarantees a long purchase period, and doesn't reduce the length of the promotional period for those with lower credit score, you may want to consider the Virgin Purchases card, which offers 28 months of no interest to all successful applicants.

  • Market-leading long 0% promotional period for purchases
  • Eligibility checker
  • May get a shorter promotional period

What You Need to Know About Halifax Credit Cards

Halifax consistently offers some of the best credit card deals in the market, whether your priority is a balance transfer, paying no interest on purchases or paying no fees overseas with a travel card. There are some important facts to be aware of, however, to get the most out of a Halifax card.

For instance, you must always pay on time and stay within your credit limit in order to keep any 0% promotional periods. In the case of purchases or balance transfer cards, losing your promotional period would mean your interest rate pops up from 0% to the stated interest rate (usually 18.9% or higher). Also, it's good to know that you may not receive the full promotional period for which you apply. Like many banks, Halifax might approve your for a higher interest rate and/or a shorter 0% promotional period.

Remember that “no interest” doesn’t mean "no monthly payments." You will still be required to make monthly payments on purchases and balance transfers, in order to reduce your balances. However we'd like to stress the benefit of paying MORE than the minimum each month. Ideally, balances on a 0 interest card are paid off in full before the promotional period comes to and end. To calculate the size of the monthly payments needed to accomplish this, divide the balance by the months of 0% interest remaining.

Before applying to Halifax, you can use their eligibility checker to find out your odds of being accepted. This check performs a soft credit search that will not leave a mark on your credit file for other lenders to see. (You, however, will see all soft searches when you check your own file.) This is a great tool but is not offered by all banks—a definite perk. Additionally, those loyal to Halifax will be pleased to hear that you can take out a second credit card, subject to conditions discussed below. However, while you can hold two Halifax credit cards under some conditions, you cannot transfer a balance from one Halifax credit card to another.

What if I Already have a Halifax Card?

Halifax permits you to have a second credit card, useful because different cards serve different needs—you may need one card to manage existing outstanding balances but want another for upcoming holiday abroad purchases (fee free). You can apply for a second Halifax Credit Card, as long as you satisfy the following conditions:

  • Your existing card with Lloyds Banking Group is not a Student Card
  • You apply more than 60 days after your first Halifax credit card was opened
  • You can have a maximum of 2 Halifax credit cards
  • You can have a maximum of 5 cards with Lloyds Banking Group (including Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank)
  • Your application is subject to a full credit and affordability check

Summary of Best Halifax Cards

Best For...CardQuick Overview
No Interest on PurchasesHalifax Purchase Offer
  • 0% interest on purchases for up to 30 months
No Balance Transfer FeeHalifax 0% Fee
  • 0% transfer fee
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 25 months
Longer Balance Transfer DealHalifax Low Fee Balance Transfers
  • 1.2% transfer fee
  • 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 30 months
  • 0% interest on purchases for up to 12 months
Travel Abroad/Using OverseasHalifax Clarity
  • No foreign transaction fees

Comparing Halifax Credit Cards to Other Similar Cards

If you want to know if any of the cards mentioned above are right for you, it can help to know what other similar cards are available. Below, we highlight a few cards that offer similar functionality, in order to help you make an informed decision.

For Purchases: Sainsbury's Purchase Credit Card

Consider this if you want one of the longest purchase periods.

The Sainsbury's Purchase Credit Card has one of the longest interest-free period on purchases, at up to 28 months. In addition to the long no-interest promotion, cardholders can earn an extra 1% rewards in Nectar points on their Sainsbury's shopping and fuel. While the card also earns you Nectar points on other non-Sainsbury's spending, those rewards are a very small 0.1% or so. Although the Sainsbury's card also offers balance transfer functionality, the balance transfer fee is relatively high at 2.89% for 18 months.

Bottom Line: If you need a purchases card, the Sainsbury's Purchase offer is often the best and longest offer available, with the added benefit of earning Nectar points on purchases.

For Purchases Abroad: Creation Everyday Credit Card

Consider this if you want a card to use overseas.

The Creation Everyday Credit Card is a top-notch travel credit card for use overseas, particularly if you want to withdraw cash from ATMs—but only for those with a strong credit rating. The Everyday card doesn’t charge a fee on non-sterling purchases or cash withdrawals while you're overseas. The defining feature is the market-leading, low 12.9% variable interest rate on non-sterling cash withdrawals. This feature is valuable because, like most credit cards, interest on cash withdrawals starts accruing immediately and can lead to significant charges if you're not careful. The Creation card also offers a Quick Eligibility Check to get an indication of whether or not you'll be accepted, without harming your credit score.

For Balance Transfers: Sainsbury's No Fee Balance Transfer Credit Card

Consider this if you don't want to pay a fee to transfer a balance.

The Sainsbury's No Fee Balance Transfer Credit Card acts as a rewards card as well as a balance transfer card with 28 months of waived interest. While you don't earn rewards on transferred balances, you will earn Nectar points on new purchases with the card, at a rate of 2 points per £1 spent on Sainsbury's shopping and fuel, and 1 point for every £5 spent elsewhere. Please note that a 1.5% balance transfer fee is charged initially but is refunded within 60 days so long as you're not in default.