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Best Destinations for Last-Minute Travel from Manchester to Warmer Weather

Here are the best sunny destinations for last-minute trips from Manchester, plus ideal times to buy tickets when flying from Manchester to warmer locations around the world.

If you're already day dreaming about those beautiful summer days, you might be ready to plan your next holiday to a warmer locale. If you're planning a last-minute holiday to top up the vitamin D, which destinations have affordable last-minute fares from Manchester? And when is the ideal time to buy flights heading towards the sun if you live in or near Manchester?

We've scoured data from Skyscanner to identify ideal travel windows for different destinations when flying from Manchester, and to discover how far out you should buy your tickets according to destination. Ticket prices can rise 5X or more the closer you get to take-off day, but they don't always. For some destinations, you can actually secure a lower price when you buy last minute—we've identified these locations as well, for spontaneous Manchester travelers.

Destinations with cheaper last-minute tickets from Manchester

Surprisingly, the Skyscanner data showed you can save money by purchasing a last-minute ticket from Manchester to a number of hot spots, including Gran Canaria, Menorca, Cancun and Santorini. For these destinations, buying just a month or so ahead of your travel date will typically secure you the lowest fares as opposed to buying further ahead of time. Spontaneous travelers should consider these destinations when looking for a good deal on a last-minute trip.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Flights from Manchester?

Book this Far Ahead for the Best Deals (months)Destinations
0Gran Canaria, Menorca
1Cancun, Gran Canaria, Santorini
2Ibiza, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Thessaloniki,
6Palma, Thessaloniki
7Alicante, Cairo, Corfu, Los Angeles, Malaga, Miami, Palma, Cathage, Toulouse, San Francisco, Rhodes
9Barcelona, Kos, Miami, Venice
More than 12 monthsAbu Dhabi, Bali, Houston, Marrakech, Tel Aviv

Don't fly last minute to these destinations

At the other end of the spectrum, there are some warm destination to which you should never fly last minute if you're budget conscious. When traveling to these destinations from Manchester, you'll typically pay the most expensive fares when purchasing your ticket with less than a month to go before your flight:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Alicante
  • Bali
  • Barcelona
  • Bodrum
  • Cairo
  • Carthage
  • Gibraltar
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Malaga
  • Miami
  • Tel Aviv
  • San Francisco

Best month to travel to these warmer destinations

Visiting a destination at the right time can bag you the best deal. For example, those traveling from Manchester to Menorca will lock in the lowest prices for flights in July or September. Travelers to San Francisco and LA will pay the least if they go in February. Corfu and Ibiza flights are the cheapest when you go in April.

Cheapest Travel Months from Manchester, by Destination

DestinationCheapest Travel Month
Abu DhabiJune
BaliMay, November
BodrumApril, June
CarthageFebruary, May
Gran CanariaJanuary, November
Las VegasNovember
Los AngelesFebruary
MenorcaJuly, September
RhodesApril, June
San FranciscoFebruary
Tel AvivSeptember

Using Price Alerts to Get a Good Deal

Ticket prices generally trend upwards as you get closer to holidays like Christmas. But you can take advantage of the fact that ticket prices actually fluctuate quite a bit by setting up price alerts on certain itineraries. If a price drops, you'll be able to take advantage and book.

There are a number of price alert tools in the market, including Google Flights, and Enter your home airport, your desired destination and the potential dates of travel to get an email when the price on your trip dips.

You may not want to take the first dip, unless of course you think it's a good discount and it's a price you're happy to pay. Knowing when to buy can take some guessing, but watching price alerts can help you get a feel for when it's a good time to buy.

Erin Yurday

Erin Yurday is the Founder and Editor of NimbleFins. Prior to NimbleFins, she worked as an investment professional and as the finance expert in Stanford University's Graduate School of Business case writing team. Read more on LinkedIn.


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