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Sainsbury's Credit Card - Bonus Nectar Point Offer for New Customers

Sainsbury's has updated the terms of its credit cards, giving new cardholders the chance to earn up to 10,000 Nectar points in their first two months.

The details of this offer are as follows: New cardholders can earn 1,000 bonus points every time they spend £35 or more on Sainsbury's shopping with their credit card. Cardholders are able to do this up to ten times in the first two months, earning up to 10,000 points. Offer valid until 28 December 2017 - for new Sainsbury's cardholders only!

What is this Nectar Offer Worth?

We estimate this Nectar bonus offer to be worth £50. Since nectar points are worth approximately £0.005 each, 10,000 Nectar points have a potential value of £50. Given you need to spend £350 to earn the 10,000 Nectar points, the potential rewards rate during these first two months is 14% (£50/£350).

Nectar PointsValue Per Nectar PointPotential Value of Bonus Offer

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