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5 activities to get kids away from the screens this half term

Kids are spending an increasing amount of time on screens, which is bad for their health. Here are 5 activities your children can enjoy this half term which do not involve screen time!

Half term is almost upon us, and it can be challenging to know how to keep the kids occupied. In the digital age, children are a huge fan of devices, spending 2-3 hours a day on average looking at phones, tablets, tv's and computer screens. In half term however, this is likely to increase especially as parents struggle to keep children entertained.

Too much screen time can be bad for mental health, not to mention physical health too. If your kids are big fans of screen time, here's 5 ideas to get them doing something a little more proactive this half term.

Go Ape

What kid doesn't enjoy climbing high amongst the trees in beautiful surroundings? There are 35 Go Ape locations around the UK. The adventures your children can enjoy at Go Ape include treetop challenges, axe throwing, forest segways and much, much more!

Go Ape is a great way to burn off all that extra energy in the holidays, in addition to boosting creative thinking and problem solving too.

Time spent in the outdoors is particularly beneficial at reducing stress and getting a better nights sleep, which is the very opposite of what heavy screen time promotes. With special discounts for kids under 13, Go Ape is a fantastic experience for the whole family.

Cadbury World

If there's one thing that will get kids off the sofa it's chocolate. Though it's not the healthiest of options, there are plenty of fun things to learn and do at Cadbury World.

Children can learn about the manufacturing process and experience a 4D chocolate adventure, as well as having a go at making chocolate themselves. They will also learn the history behind chocolate, and how it came to be our favourite indulgence.

Tickets for kids cost £12.21 if you book online, with additional experiences such as character breakfasts also available. Be sure to stop off at the world's biggest Cadbury chocolate shop on your way out!

Take them skiing

You don't have to book an expensive ski trip to teach your children how to master the slopes, as there's plenty of indoor ski areas dotted right around the UK.

Both skiing and snowboarding are perfect for kids who love high adrenalin sports, and is a really great way to keep them active over half term.

Chill Factore in Manchester offers both ski and snowboarding sessions, as well as doughnuts, sledging, racing and an ice slide for kids to enjoy too. Tickets for a family of 4 start from £89.10, with lots of great deals available on the website.


If you truly want to get your kids away from the screens, there's no better activity than getting in amongst grass and mud. This is exactly what your kids can do at Diggerland!

Based across 4 UK sites, kids can have a go at driving diggers, dumper trucks and even mini land rovers. Activities include a skyshuttle, spindizzy, go-karts, safari, a Diggerland train and much more. There's even activities for the under 5s, so plenty of fun for all the family.

Prices cost £19.95 for adults, as well as children above 90cm. You may also consider getting a Diggerland annual pass at £75, which may work out cheaper if you live close to one of the locations.

The Eden Project

If you really want to get your kids away from the screens and more aware of the world around them, then why not take them to the Eden Project? This one is perfect if you are already planning a half term getaway to Cornwall.

Kids can explore the famous rainforest biome, experiencing environments such as the tropical islands, West Africa, South-East Asia and South America. There's canopy walkways, waterfalls, sculptures and exhibitions just waiting to be explored.

It's a great way for kids to learn about other climates and more about how nature works. No screens in sight! You can buy tickets online.

Final Thoughts

As all parents know, having a change of scenery is one of the best ways to keep kids happy. If the above ideas don't work for you, another option is renting a static caravan for half term.

And if you end up stuck at home over half term, read our article How to Limit Fortnite time—without tears!


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