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Holiday prices soar with Spain, Greece and Morocco worst – cheap holiday destinations named

The cost of all-inclusive package holidays have soared in price, with some popular destinations up by 25 percent.

Majorca, Tenerife and Crete have all increased in price considerably year-on-year for a week away with all-inclusive board, TravelSupermarket figures show.

On average, holidays to Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus have risen by nearly 12 percent.

But Crete in Greece is 25 percent more expensive than last year, while prices for Tenerife have risen 22 percent and Majorca in Spain is up 21 percent.

In Morocco, a week's stay at an all-inclusive hotel is 27 percent more than it was last year. Bulgaria is 13 percent more expensive.

TravelSupermarket calculated the average price rises by analysing search results on its website. However, exact costs can change depending on location and time of booking. Overall, prices are up 30 percent since before the pandemic.

Food and fuel inflation, higher staff wages, plus excessive demand from families desperate to get away have been blamed for the rise.

TravelSupermarket’s chief executive, Richard Singer, said: “After a number of disrupted years of travel there is no escaping that demand for holidays is high as people look to book their much-deserved holiday. This, coupled with global inflationary pressure, has seen a rise in holiday prices to some locations.

“Prices for next year are looking on a par with this year.

“However, there are still some great holiday bargains out there, especially if you can be flexible on date of travel, duration or potentially trying a new destination, such as Turkey, which still represents great value.”

Cheap holiday destinations

While the average price rise for the five countries studied is 11.9 percent, some destinations have not risen as much.

Portugal has only seen a five percent increase.

However prices in Spain are up by nearly 15 percent.

But, at £926, the average cost of a family package holiday for a week in Spain is still cheaper than it is in Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Bulgaria.

NimbleFins research found looking beyond the obvious sun, sea and sand destinations could see you bag a trip at a bargain price.

Our study found Poland, Lithuania and Romania to be the cheapest holiday destinations for a seven-night stay.

Our researchers looked at the price of food, accomodation and entertainment at a range of places using figures from the Office for National Statistics, and paired this with the price of the cheapest flights.

Tunisia, Slovakia and Hungary also beat Bulgaria, which came in seventh in our cheap holiday destination guide.

On the other end of the spectrum, Barbados, Jamaica, South Africa and New Zealand came out as the most expensive destinations.

Read more on our breakdown of the UK’s cheapest holiday destinations, including daily spend, and the cheapest places to fly, here.

How to save money on your holiday

  • Look at off-peak flights. Flying mid-week can be cheaper than going on a weekend or a Friday.
  • Explore other destinations. Our research shows Poland and Lithuania are the cheapest destinations from the UK.
  • Book early. Demand is currently high, so experts don't believe prices will fall if waiting to book last minute.
  • Check the exchange rate. The pound has lost strength against the euro, but is stronger against the currency in Turkey and Tunisia, as well as others.
  • All-inclusive can be cheaper if eating out, alcohol and airport transfers are expensive where you're going, but you'll need to compare the prices to see if it's worth it.
  • Don't forget to buy travel insurance before you go. To get the most out of it, buy travel insurance as soon as you've booked your holiday, in case your flights or accommodation is affected before you get there.

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