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Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card: Earn Asda Vouchers

The Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card is a grocery rewards card with higher-than-average rewards on everyday spending. This card gives 2% cashback on all Asda purchases and 1% cashback elsewhere. Asda "cashback" is actually distributed in the form of Asda vouchers, which may be a pro or a con depending on your shopping habits.

The Plus card carries a £3/month (£36/year) usage fee, as opposed to the free Asda Cashback Credit Card which pays lower rewards.

Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card Features

  • Earn 2% cashback on purchases at Asda (including Living, petrol, and George.com)
  • Earn 1% cashback elsewhere
  • 0% interest for 6 months on qualifying George purchases of £200 or more
  • 10% cashback on some Asda Money insurance products
  • Cashback delivered as Asda vouchers
  • Eligibility checker
  • £36 annual fee (taken as £3 per month)
  • 19.9% APR (or 23.9% or 29.9% variable)


  • Higher-than-average in-store and out-of-store rewards rate
  • No annual rewards cap


  • "Cashback" comes in the form of Asda vouchers
  • Monthly fee (£3)

Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card Review

The Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card provides rewards to cardholders who buy groceries, fuel, insurance, clothing and/or home goods at Asda (including Living stores and online at George.com), as well as earning strong rewards on non-Asda purchases. Users earn a 2% rewards rate when using the card at Asda and 1% everywhere else. There is no cap on annual rewards.

The card's rewards rate comes at a cost of £3 per month (£36 per year). A user would need to use this card on purchases averaging £150 a month at Asda or £300 a month elsewhere (or some combination of the two) in order to cover the cost of the card. Any spending over these amounts would leave you in the black. Determining how much you're likely to spend on the card, and in what category, is an important consideration when deciding if the Asda Cashback Plus is the best card for you.

Monthly Breakeven Analysis for Asda Cashback Plus

Spend Category:AsdaNon-Asda Spending
Monthly Fee-£3-£3

The average UK household spends £350 a month on food and petrol; sourcing these necessities at Asda will earn £48 of rewards a year, even after deducting the monthly fee.

An additional way to earn money with the Asda Cashback Plus card is through the 10% cashback offer on Asda Money Insurance products. Insurance policies included in this offer are Home, Pet, Annual Travel (not single trips), and UK or European Breakdown Cover (Roadside Cover not included). So long as users keep the policy for the full year, both insurance purchases and renewals will benefit from this 10% cashback offer.

Asda doesn't offer a points-based "loyalty card," like some other retailers. However, the Asda Cashback credit cards act like a loyalty card, in essence.

As with all rewards cards, you should try to pay off your balance every month. If you don't, the 19.9% variable APR, which is slightly higher than the average interest rate, will quickly wipe out any rewards, and then some. (With the exception that the card is offering 6 months of 0% interest on purchases at George.com.)

Bottom Line: The Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card offers Asda voucher rewards to shoppers at a cashback rate of 2% on Asda spend and 1% elsewhere. Keep in mind the £3/month fee when deciding if this is the best card for you.

About Asda Cashback Vouchers

Asda’s cashback rewards expire a year after they’ve been earned. As soon as your account has accumulated at least £2.50 in cashback rewards, you can download an e-voucher to your phone or print a paper voucher to use at Asda, either online or in store. Cardholders can take their cashback rewards as early as when they appear on the next month's statement or let the rewards build up into a larger pot.

Asda cashback rewards distribution is largely in the cardholder's control: rewards can be redeemed as quickly as the next month's statement (unlike some other cards that make you wait a year) or rewards can be left up to a year to build up. Rewards vouchers can only be used at Asda, which may be a pro or a con for you.

Asda Cashback Plus Credit Card vs. Asda Cashback Credit Card

You may also want to learn about the Asda Cashback card, which pays half the rewards of the paid card but has no annual fee.

Type of SpendAsda Cashback Rewards RateAsda Cashback Plus Rewards Rate
Asda Purchases1%2%
Asda Petrol1%2%
Living Stores1%2%
Other General Spending0.5%1%

The break-even point between the two Asda cashback cards (that is, the free card and the paid card) is £300/month of Asda spend. Shoppers spending £300 a month at Asda will earn £3/month on both cards (after taking out the monthly fee on the paid Plus card). Monthly Asda spend above £300 would earn more rewards on the paid Plus card; monthly Asda spend less than £300 would earn more rewards on the free card.

A graph showing the annual rewards on the Asda Cashback vs. Asda Cashback Plus credit cards, base on level on monthly spend
Rewards on Asda Cashback and Asda Cashback Plus, by Spending Level

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