Santander All In One Credit Card: Jack of All Trades?

Santander All In One Credit Card: Jack of All Trades?

Decent cashback rewards for those wanting 0% interest on purchases or balance transfers on the same card, but there is a £3 monthly fee to keep in mind.

Good for

  • Making purchases abroad (no fx fees)
  • Earning everyday rewards (0.5% cashback)
  • Actively managing rewards to find extra value

Bad for

  • Those who don't want to pay a monthly fee
  • Anyone who wants an interest grace period for cash transactions

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The Santander All In One Credit Card is what it says on the tin—there aren't many cards offering cashback rewards, no fx fees and 0% on balance transfers (for 26 months) and purchases (for up to 20 months) all in one card. But is the £3 monthly fee worth it?

Santander All In One Credit Card Review

Santander’s All In One credit card is interesting because it combines cashback, 0% on purchases and balance transfers and no FX fees all in one card—it's unusual to find one card offering all of these features in the UK market. But you will pay £3 a month to get this card. What else does it offer?

In addition to 0.5% cashback on purchases, cardholders can earn extra rewards through Retailer Offers, which provide up to 15% off at various and changing retail partners. (As a welcome bonus, Santander used to give you five Retailer Offers up to 25% off, but they were not doing this as of our last update.) Just make sure all that you'll get enough out of the card to make it worth the £3 monthly fee.

Retailers offers are short lived, expiring within fourteen days, so you'll need to stay on top of your account to benefit from them. In order to receive any Retailer Offers you must be registered for Online or Mobile Banking. Sometimes they offer "Welcome Retailer Offers" as a welcome bonus, for which you must switch on Online or Mobile Banking within 60 days of card activation—but at the time of our latest update they weren't running a welcome bonus.

The Retailer Offers provide discounts to a range of retailers, such as supermarkets, entertainment, food, services, and more. While Santander doesn’t advertise the retailers, we have heard reports of recent offers from car rental agencies and JD Sports, for instance.

Cardholders can use this card when globe hopping since there are no non-sterling fees for transactions made abroad. But keep in mind that, like most credit cards, cash withdrawals will cost extra. Expect to pay 3% (£3 minimum) for each cash withdrawal PLUS interest will start accruing immediately at a higher interest rate, starting at 29.9% APR.

Be aware that the £3 monthly fee can significantly eat into rewards and balance transfer savings.

A card charging no balance transfer fee for 0% balance transfers for 26 months surely looks fantastic, but a balance transfer can become expensive on this card, if that's all you need it for. For example, when you factor in the £3 monthly card fee you’ll pay over 26 months, your costs to execute a £1,000 balance transfer can jump from 0% up to, essentially, 7.8% (26 months times £3/month = £78. £78/£1,000 = an extra 7.8% cost). Keep this in mind when deciding if this is the best balance transfer for you.

£1,000 Balance Transfer over 26 monthsStandard FeesTotal Fees
Balance Transfer Fee0% one-time charge£0
Monthly Fee£3 per month, over 26 months£78
Total Fees£78 (7.8% of the balance transfer)

Bottom Line: The Santander All In One Credit Card is a cashback card, with 0% purchase and balance transfer periods that doesn't charge an extra fee for purchases made abroad.

Santander All In One Credit Card Features

Santander All In One Credit Card Features
Transaction Fees
  • No fee on non-Sterling transactions abroad
  • 3% (min £3) fee on cash transactions (at home and abroad)
Earning RewardsEarn 0.5% cashback on all eligible purchases
Retailer Offers
  • Ongoing access to Retailer Offers up to 15% off
0% on Balance TransfersFor 26 months (no initial balance transfer fee)
0% on PurchasesFor up to 20 months
Annual Fee£36 (£3 monthly fee)
APR (variable)
  • 17.9% interest rate on purchases (higher with monthly fee)
  • 29.9% on cash

Balance Transfers

0% balance transfers can potentially save those with existing credit card debt a significant amount in interest charges. As long as you make your monthly payments on time, stay within your limit and pay off the debt within your 0% APR intro period, you will pay no interest charges along the way.

For example, a consumer making £50 monthly payments on a balance of £1,200 on a card that charges 18.9% will save almost £300 in interest payments by switching to an appropriate-length balance transfer card. Not only that, but they will be debt free 6 months sooner by using the balance transfer card (because all payments go towards balance reduction, not interest charges).

Let’s imagine a scenario where you transfer a £1,000 debt onto a new Santander All In One card, and you will pay down the debt over 26 months. The £3 monthly card fee adds up to £78 over 26 months, which is equivalent to 7.8% of your initial debt! Now the costs to execute your balance transfer have risen from 0% to 7.8% (reflecting the monthly fee).

You are better off switching this debt to the Santander All In One card (paying £76 in monthly fees) than leaving it on your previous 18.9% interest-charging card (paying £300 in interest over the years), plus you'll be debt free sooner.

Santander All In One Compared to Other Credit Cards

To better understand the value of the Santander All In One Credit Card you need to see it relative to other available options. We’ve compared this card to other cash back and rewards cards so you can decide which will create more value for you.

Santander All In One vs Lloyds Bank Platinum Longest Balance Transfer Card

The Lloyds Bank Platinum Balance Transfer card is generally a competitive balance transfer option, although the market is constantly moving so be sure to check prices for the latest offers. It may charge a higher intro balance transfer fee than Santander, but there is no ongoing monthly card charge. If you are looking for a simple balance-transfer card, then the Lloyds card can potentially save you money on your balance transfer in the long run.

Quick Takeaway: Those looking for one credit card that can handle a balance transfer and pay rewards on future purchases can get both features on the Santander All In One card. If your current needs strictly relate to a balance transfer, the Lloyds Platinum balance transfer card may offer more long-term value since it doesn't charge a monthly fee.

Santander All In One vs Platinum Cashback Everyday Card by American Express

The Platinum Cashback Everyday card by Amex is one of our favourite cashback cards for everyday spending. Cardholders either earn 0.5% or 1% cashback, depending on how much you spend, plus a welcome bonus of 5% cashback during the first three months (limited to £100 cashback in this welcome period)—all for no annual fee. The Everyday card does charge for foreign transactions, though.

Quick Takeaway: The Platinum Cashback Everyday card offers more earning potential for spend over £5,000 a year, at which point the cashback rate jumps to 1%. Anyone who will frequently use their card overseas may find more value in the All In One card, as it does not charge a fee for non-Sterling transactions while abroad.

Santander All In One vs Halifax Clarity Credit Card

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card charges no fees on non-sterling cash withdrawals or transactions, making it an ideal travel card. The only aspect of the card to be aware of is that, like most credit cards, interest on cash ATM withdrawals starts accruing immediately (but the interest rate is lower at 19.9% variable APR on cash withdrawals. By getting online and paying back your cash withdrawals ASAP (even while you're still abroad), you can mitigate this potential cost.

Quick Takeaway: The Clarity sports a lower cash and purchases interest rate than the Santander card and, like the Santander card, also doesn't charge any fees on non-sterling transactions or cash withdrawals.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.