NimbleFins Data Library

- May 2, 2024

Are you a journalist looking for data to support an article? Maybe we can help. NimbleFins has built a robust library of data studies and statistics covering a wide range of topics including energy, household budgets, auto, homes, travel, pets, business, safety, credit, lending, mortgages, insurance and more.

We dig into official stats from sources like the Office for National Statistics, the Department for Transport and OFGEM, presenting data in a digestible way and complete with takeaways. We conduct unique data studies to explore timely issues (e.g. our real-life data study on Tesla battery deterioration). We research the true costs of common expenses that affect people day to day so people can understand what to expect to pay for a wide range of things (like food and energy bills).

If you're looking for data that you can't find here, you'd like to enquire if we can update the data in any older pieces of research, or if these studies inspire an idea for a related study, please reach out to us at [email protected]—we're more than happy to help wherever we can.

If you use any of our research, please link back to our data study or our homepage. This helps support our work going forward. Thank you.

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